16 April 2014

Bar Stool Makeover - Super Easy Redo

I am currently in the process of working on making my KITCHEN look cute, we've been in our home a year now and I just now started. (Opps!)

First off, we have these super BORING bar stools that we found in my in-laws storage unit. 

So I decided to just turn them over and see what I was working with, I ended up finding out that I just needed up unscrew just a few screws to get the wood separated from the actual cushion! 

Then it was just full of a bunch of staples, so I just started taking them out. Each cushion took me about AN HOUR to do! It was time consuming, but well worth it since the rest of the project took no time. 
I ended up faced with the hardest part of the project, FINDING FABRIC! I wanted it to match my bright yellow walls and the rest of my decor, which I knew would be a tough task. However, I got lucky and walked into Hobby Lobby and found this adorable fabric! 

Make sure that when picking out your fabric, that you get an upholstery fabric so that it can handle the wear and tear of people sitting on the cushion! 

Once I had all of the staples out of the cushion, I took it off by cutting each corner, and ended up with this pattern that I used to cut out of my fabric! (Ignore all the horrible cat hair, another reason why we needed to get rid of the black.) 

Now I did have to go to the sewing machine, to sew the corners together (right sides facing each other). However, you could do this multiple ways without actually sewing. 
Your other options are - Hand stitch, Fabric/Hot Glue, Velcro

As long as you are able to get the fabric around the cushion, you are okay, the staples are what are going to actually hold the fabric in place. 

This was the FUNNEST part of the project, STAPLING!!! I had way too much fun with this, because I went a little crazy with how many I put in because I wanted to make sure that this fabric never came off! I placed them about 2 inches apart and did like 10 in each corner. 

I replaced the black piece on the bottom simply to make it look more professional. Then, I centered the wooden bottom on it, and put the screws back in! It was that easy. 

Here's the finished product, I LOVE THEM!! (Husband said he wished they weren't flowers, but he was proud of me for doing making them look better!) 

Don't feel hesitant in just going for it, because I had been and now really regret that I waited so long. It was definitely way easier than I expected. 

Total redo time - 4 hours (taking the staples out took 2 hours.) 

Let me know if ya'll have any questions & hopefully this helps you decide to just dive in! 

09 April 2014

Kitchen Recipes Binder Cover - 4 Color Combinations!

I know that everyone has a different method of keeping their favorite recipes safe and hopefully, all in one place. However, I believe that putting all of mine into this 1" binder has been a life saver for me! So since I am in the process of making over my kitchen, I decided to put together a fun Binder Cover for my recipes that will match the theme in my kitchen! I've attached three other color combinations just for fun for you to use for free!! Let me know what y'all think or if you need a different color combination, because I just think these are so fun and inviting, I want you all to have one! (I kind of feel like it makes me look like a better cook because I have a book full of recipes!)

To download these in 8.5x11 format click the link below - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6zr1m9snjs6p1kj/lcDubNCZ15