26 May 2014

Dabbling in Photography - Just for Fun of course!

After making the huge decision to quit my full time job to follow my dream of making invitations, I realized how long it's been since I've done several of my hobbies! Therefore, here I am playing around, anytime I'm not doing an order that is. Is this a smart decision? Probably not, but heck, I'm having a blast!

I've done two super fun photoshoots for some friends and family these past few weeks and thought I would share this lovely hobby of mine.

Addison & Hannah - best friends mini shoot 

Molly. my sister, & Savannah - best friends full length shoot
with four outfit changes, four!

Barefoot Bohemians

College Rivals (Auburn vs. Miss State)

Fun Flannels

Happy Hippies

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at these adorable photos! These girls all had a blast & I was just happy to be there. :) 

P.S. - Doing free Photoshoots in the Huntsville/Birmingham, AL areas this summer, contact me if interested! :)

04 May 2014

Guest Bathroom $100 Makeover Walkthrough

Hey guys!

Since I've only semi-finished one room of our house so far, I thought I would show it off, especially since I did it all for about $100! Notice the key word SEMI-finished, as in, I still have some tweaking to do to make it perfect. However, I love all the little things I've done so far, so why not brag?!

My philosophy on rooms is that they need a theme, it's really the only way I know how to decorate, unfortunately. So, my theme is BIRDS and my colors are GREY & YELLOW!

Paint Color: FREE - was given a gallon of white paint & tinted it for free at Sherwin Williams! 
Towel: a gift 
Grey Frame: thrifted, photo $3 
Yellow Frame: Hobby Lobby, $7 (always purchase on 50% off week!) 
Wash Your Hands print: Lily&Wes Printable 
Bird: Hobby Lobby, once again, half off week $8 

Mirror: Wal-Mart, $15
Jars: Hobby Lobby, combined $6 
Candle Stick: Z Gallerie, Clearance, $20 
Candle: Hobby Lobby, $7

Tree: Hobby Lobby, Clearance, $10 
Light Switch Plate - Hobby Lobby, $4 (a true kiddo touch, but hey, I'm still young!) 

Ombre Shower Curtain: Thrift Store $5 - (Target Brand)
Curtain - DIY Pinterest for the Win with a twin sheet from Wal-Mart $7 

Didn't follow one specific tutorial for the Curtain, because they were all kind of confusing, I am looking to make another one soon, and I might just do a tutorial for it! 

MY FAVORITE thing in this room - These adorable Bird Hooks - Target Clearance $4
I think that these just add so much cuteness without my husband thinking I'm being "too girly"! 

Yellow Frame: Target, $9
Floral Bowl: Gift - had no idea what I would do with it when I received it, however, I love it where it is now because it serves it's purpose & is still cute! 

Towel: Target $3 - Embroidered for free, but love this Mr & Mrs touch! 

I'm looking to update the cabinetry & the Mirror on the wall and will keep you updated!! :) 

01 May 2014

FREE Recipe Book Template!

Coming at you with another FREE PRINTABLE - This one is actually something that I am currently obsessed with!

This is an 8.5x11 letter sized template that you can use in a Recipe Binder - Just go get a basic 1" binder from an office supply store, print out this Binder Cover for your Kitchen, then print out however many of these Recipe Templates that you need (I printed 50 to start out with for mine), punch holes in them, and start writing your favorites down! 

Here's the Link - Go have fun - Recipe Book Template

I thought I would share my FAVORITE Cocktail for the early summer! Please make these & enjoy them as much as I do! 

Enjoy & Share with me your favorite Summer Cocktail!