04 May 2014

Guest Bathroom $100 Makeover Walkthrough

Hey guys!

Since I've only semi-finished one room of our house so far, I thought I would show it off, especially since I did it all for about $100! Notice the key word SEMI-finished, as in, I still have some tweaking to do to make it perfect. However, I love all the little things I've done so far, so why not brag?!

My philosophy on rooms is that they need a theme, it's really the only way I know how to decorate, unfortunately. So, my theme is BIRDS and my colors are GREY & YELLOW!

Paint Color: FREE - was given a gallon of white paint & tinted it for free at Sherwin Williams! 
Towel: a gift 
Grey Frame: thrifted, photo $3 
Yellow Frame: Hobby Lobby, $7 (always purchase on 50% off week!) 
Wash Your Hands print: Lily&Wes Printable 
Bird: Hobby Lobby, once again, half off week $8 

Mirror: Wal-Mart, $15
Jars: Hobby Lobby, combined $6 
Candle Stick: Z Gallerie, Clearance, $20 
Candle: Hobby Lobby, $7

Tree: Hobby Lobby, Clearance, $10 
Light Switch Plate - Hobby Lobby, $4 (a true kiddo touch, but hey, I'm still young!) 

Ombre Shower Curtain: Thrift Store $5 - (Target Brand)
Curtain - DIY Pinterest for the Win with a twin sheet from Wal-Mart $7 

Didn't follow one specific tutorial for the Curtain, because they were all kind of confusing, I am looking to make another one soon, and I might just do a tutorial for it! 

MY FAVORITE thing in this room - These adorable Bird Hooks - Target Clearance $4
I think that these just add so much cuteness without my husband thinking I'm being "too girly"! 

Yellow Frame: Target, $9
Floral Bowl: Gift - had no idea what I would do with it when I received it, however, I love it where it is now because it serves it's purpose & is still cute! 

Towel: Target $3 - Embroidered for free, but love this Mr & Mrs touch! 

I'm looking to update the cabinetry & the Mirror on the wall and will keep you updated!! :) 

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