30 June 2014

Living Room - Update, Part 1

We've been in our house for over a year now, and I have continually put off the living room because it's the biggest room in our home. Therefore, I decided to go one wall at a time! Seems smart, right? Let's hope so. Haha! Here's a lovely before photo that I took a few weeks ago from my cell phone. Please ignore how all of our pillows managed to be on one side of the couch & that we have a random "Coca Cola" vintage cooler on our ledge. Horrible, I know! 

28 June 2014

Our Wedding Vows - 1 year later!


(Tomorrow really is, but the restaurant we're going to is closed on Sunday's, so we're celebrating today). I am so ecstatic because it has been amazing. When we started planning our wedding, the one thing that meant the most to me was how the ceremony was going to go . I wanted to make sure that it was short, but romantic and something to remember. Therefore, we decided to write our own vows. This really helped us on our wedding day because neither one of us knew what the other one was going to say! Dave's sentimental, so I knew he would say something that would make me cry, and I like to make him laugh, so that's the way I went with mine (little did I know I would make everyone laugh). The night before, at our rehearsal, the Reverend even said that these vows really helped him get to know us as a couple! Today, I figured I would pull these vows out and share them with y'all & of course I cried a little bit when bringing these back out.

25 June 2014

The Perfect DIY Wedding Present

Since I've had so many weddings to go to this year, I've done my fair share of wedding present shopping. One of the hardest things for me is going to the parties that always correlate with the weddings empty handed! Sometimes, being invited to a close family or friends wedding (especially if you are part of the bridal party), means the Engagement party, one or two bridal showers, reception dinner, as well as the actual wedding. I'm a giver, so I like to always bring something to these festivities! However, doesn't that get CRAZY expensive. I like to take this adorable wine bottle to the Engagement Party or the Reception Dinner. This is the best DIY Wedding Present - FOR $10! 

This super cute wine label is something that the Bride & Groom doesn't pop open until their 1 year anniversary! We got something similar from a family friend of ours (will be popping it next week) and I thought it was the cutest idea ever & ran with it. 

Steps to Create: 
  1. Choose a White Wine (since they will be drinking this with the first layer of their wedding cake ) with a simple capped top - something preferably with no words/logos on it. This one had a pretty blue aqua foil with just some grapes on the very top! 
  2. Go buy these labels at Wal-Mart or your local Office Supply store - These are just a letter size page of paper that's split in half horizontally and all sticky! These wine labels will print on one half of this paper & just cut in half with scissors to place on the wine bottle! They only cost about $5 at Wal-Mart! 

  3. Take the old labels off! With this wine bottle, it was fairly easy except for one part. Therefore, I just got some soap and hot water & it came off super easy! 
  4. Email me - at lilyandweston@gmail.com with the information you want included on this wine bottle & I will send you a FREE PDF so that you can make this adorable wedding gift as well! 
  5. Print - easy as that. You just pop these labels in your printer and print them out. 
  6. Place the Labels - The hardest part of the process because you have to make sure you are centering the label. Just take your time and make sure that you don't press down too hard until you actually have it perfect. If the placement isn't perfect, just peel it back off and re-place! 
  7. Add a BOW - By adding a cute little bow, it makes it look more like a present! 

I will be making these for the first 20 people that inquire! Can't wait to get started! 

23 June 2014

This Past Year in Photos!!

We will be celebrating our anniversary on June 29th this year & I could not be more excited to be celebrating my one year wedding anniversary! It has been an amazing year, especially since it was spent with this amazing man by my side. Therefore, I thought I would highlight the past year (in photos, of course)!

Right after our wedding, we left for Orlando to go on our cruise for our HONEYMOON! The cruise was our wedding present from his parents, which was AMAZING. We went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Coco Cay (a private Royal island) and Nassau, Bahamas. We made sure to prepay for a drink package, which meant that we ALWAYS had a drink in our hand. Dave's Aunt gave us money to go to Señor Frogs while we were in Nassau, and that's exactly what we did as soon as we got there!

Unfortunately, I jumped into a new job right after our Honeymoon and became quite busy with work, so we didn't get out much until around December, when I tried harder to make time. However, we enjoyed our (limited) time together by playing our fare share of DISCGOLF - which is one of our favorite sports to play together! If you don't know what this sport is, you are missing out for sure - go look up to see if there is a course near you and check it out - Nationwide Locations! In Huntsville alone, there are 7 courses and they just broke ground on one that will be less than a mile from our house!! (Oh & Go Pack Go) 

Once Christmas rolled around, we got lucky enough to have Dave's sister  take our Christmas photos - which resulted in these adorable Christmas cards, below. We had a great holiday season because his sister stayed in town for a whole month (she lives in California), we got to see my family, and really enjoyed our first Christmas in our house! I was lucky enough to have saved up money from my birthday and get a new CAMERA - which has been amazing to better document our life together! 

Soon after, we packed our bags to go out to Los Angeles, California to stay with his sister (MY FIRST VISIT TO CALI) to see AUBURN play in the National Championship game! Unfortunately, we didn't win the game, but it was such an amazing experience to be in the Rose Bowl stadium and be there to cheer them on! We also did a little sight seeing, and became tourists in the big city. We were only in town for just a few days, because we had to get back to work, but it was a great, once in a lifetime experience. War Eagle!

When we got back, we did our taxes and got back enough money to be able to support a new family member. We really wanted a Norwich Terrier, which are hard to find, especially in the south, and even though we would have loved to have gotten a shelter baby, we ended up going to a breeder for this little gem. As soon as we got him in our arms, we were so in love. We decided to name him Cooper because it went well with our other fur baby, Toby, and seemed to fit his personality! 
He's now 6 months old & just healed from getting fixed. He is energetic, loving, obedient, and means almost everything to us. We are such happy parents and he really brings a shiny beam of light into our household! 

Besides playing with our new fur baby, we have been hanging out with our friends and enjoying our time together.  We also got to watch my sister (only sibling) graduate from High School just a few weeks ago. We are both so proud of her, and can't wait to see her grow in the next four years at Auburn University, which is both of our Alma Mater! 

Dave really is my soul mate & I am so happy that he landed in my life a few years ago. I can't wait to spend the next 50 years with him! 

What have you done this past year? 

20 June 2014

Bridesmaids - Where are they now?

These are my adorable Bridesmaids - my very best friends. In honor of my 1st Wedding Anniversary coming up on the 29th of this month, I thought I would have some fun. Isn't it crazy how fast we grow in our 20's? Of course, we've grown so much before this point in our lives, but once we graduate college, we grow even more. Since I graduated (Summer of 2012), I have gotten married, bought a big girl car, bought a house, gotten a puppy, and quit two jobs to finally have landed where I am now. I've gone from a care free college student who solely depended on the school's meal plan for my meals to someone who actually cares about her credit score. Where has the time gone? Basically, that's a lot of change in just 2 years. Besides my sister, who just graduated from High School, the rest of my Bridesmaids & I  just recently all graduated within the past two years. So what are they doing now?

Below is what they had to say about where they are now, 
in their exact words. 

Living at the Beach: "I'm currently living in Orange Beach, AL where I am working three jobs. I play guitar and sing about five nights a week at venues on the coast. I am using my journalism degree to edit, write, and run a monthly entertainment magazine associated with Gulf Coast Newspapers called "Beachin'." I also am a photographer at the Gulf State Park where I take photos of coastal wildlife and zipline tourists! I miss Auburn so much and am ready for football season so I can be reunited with some of my friends."

Actress in Hollywood: "I've been in Los Angeles since I graduated in the fall of 2012 to pursue my dream of acting. Within the first year, I booked a commercial, scored a lead in a feature film and modeled for my favorite clothing brand - ModCloth. I just recently moved into a little guest house in West Hollywood and am loving my neighborhood. I just got a new job right around the corner at a yummy oyster bar, so I'm able to get to every audition quickly because of the great location AND my graphic design company is still thriving! I've met some incredible people and am loving my life on the west coast. Of course, while missing my family dearly --- especially KoKo (an adorable black shitzu)."

Engaged!:  "Since graduating from Auburn University in 2012 with a degree in Early Childhood Education, I moved back to my hometown, Birmingham, and have been teaching preschool for the past two years! This past Christmas break, my boyfriend of three years proposed and we are planning on getting married on April 18, 2015! We are also set to be honeymooning in St. Lucia thereafter, which will be great since we will both be celebrating birthday's while we're there! After that, we are going to be living in the Birmingham Area. "

Officially a Therapist: "On August 4, 2012, I gradated with an undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Late Childhood and Adolescent from Auburn University. A week and half later, I began pursuing my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I will graduate on August 2nd of this year (War Eagle!), and two days later, I'll start my career as a Child Therapist at Tri-County Children's Advocacy Center where I work with children and teenage victims of abuse in Dadeville, AL."

College Freshman: "Since my sister's wedding, I have been accepted to Auburn University, received my High School diploma, began a production job with the Birmingham Barons baseball team. In August, I will be moving out of my parents house and into a dorm at the University. It's been a wild ride, packed with many memories and yet there's so many more to come!"

3rd Grade Teacher: "Since the Huebner wedding, I have moved out of my parents' house, gotten a job as a third grade teacher (which I love SO much!) I am about to start my second year of teaching and I have been focused on learning more about who i am and what I want from life. The twenties are great years to be selfish! :) Life is such a beautiful adventure and I am so beyond thankful for how The Lord orchestrates everything to work out for my good. Every situation has beauty Life after college has been great!" 

These girls have been my heart & soul for the past six years & I really don't know who I would be today without them. 

What have you done in the past two years that might have changed your life??

18 June 2014

Easiest Smoothie Ever!

Enjoy as much as I do - 
 because I hate smoothies that take too long to make,

16 June 2014

Bottles of Beer - FREE Printable

This quote caught my eye last week & I had to make a print with it for my kitchen! This perfectly explains my husband and I because we always invite people into our house & they always know that we are up for a good time. No matter if we end up watching TV, playing darts in the garage, or end up turning our back patio table into a Beer Pong game - Alcohol is recommended. This little print is such a fun little add on to our kitchen - in hopes that someone sees it and gets a kick out of it! 


Bottles of Beer Print

Enjoy lovelies, 

11 June 2014

Kitchen Backsplash Re-do!

Before & After (kind of!)

So who hates boring beige walls besides me?! I hope everyone just said "ME, ME, ME" out loud. I think some people can make beige work for them, however, it just doesn't work for me. I like color, I like fun, bright things, in every aspect of my life. 

Therefore, after starring at these boring beige walls where backslash should be for a year now, I finally cracked. There I went on a Pinteresting craze, searching "Kitchen Backsplash" finding all of these amazing kitchens that I knew I would have to pay someone $1,000+ to do. Nope, keep searching. "DIY Kitchen Backsplash Easy" went into the search field after that. BINGO! The first hit was this stuff called Airstone. I had found it. I found the solution to my boring beige walls. Off to Lowe's I went! $200 later, I left with 3 boxes of Airstone & some adhesive to go with it. 

I started by grabbing a stone, slapping some adhesive on it & sticking it to the wall! EASY! The only problem with it is, like all backsplash, you do have to cut pieces to go around outlets, switches & where the wall ends. Luckily for me, I know how to use a hack saw - which is what it says to use. Once again, EASY! 

During the process

Three days later, I was running on fumes, but finished! 

The final product is better than I ever expected - here's a shot I took last week for the previous post - 

The only thing I didn't do, was put the backsplash between the Stove & Microwave because we hope to upgrade it one day with Stainless Steel & didn't want to have the backsplash interfere with the different dimension we will face when purchasing new appliances. However, like I said, I HATE BEIGE WALLS - So I added a splash of yellow ;) 

03 June 2014

Latest Obsessions!

We all go through the different phases where we have some crazy fun obsessions, right? Here are my latest top 10 (in no order, because I'm kind of obsessed with all of these on about the same level, hehe)  -

#1 -  This shelf in my kitchen - I recently added these adorable wedding photos of our parents because we pride ourselves on the fact that both of our parents are still married! 

#2 - This mug of my sweet boy's that was free ($2 shipping) on SNAPFISH! 
Our Sweet 6 month old Norwich Terrier, Cooper 
Our 3 year old, Toby!

#3 - I just recently broke down and got a subscription to COSMO, again. 

#4 - This ADORABLE Notebook for all the Random "STUFF" I need to write down during the day, snagged this at Target for $1

#5 - MY BACKSPLASH in my kitchen - Will be posting a "How To" Soon, but this wall was white a few weeks ago! 

#6 - Needless to Say, "Orange is The New Black" the Netflix Original will be releasing the new season this FRIDAY, June 6th. So I'm really excited to see what's going on at the prison now! 

#7 - Our new KING SIZED BED! We only have a mattress right now, because the Bed we ordered had a backlog - but we should be getting it in the next few weeks! We had been sleeping on a hand-me-down Queen that needed to be replaced, so we upsized to a King since we sleep with a puppy and a cat that like to stretch out! 

Here's the Bed Frame we ordered! 

#8 - These adorable Polka Dot Slip-ons from GAP - only $40!! They were super cheap & they go with everything! 

#9 - THESE ADORABLE BOXES! They were $6 at Target in the Gifting Section - but I'm totally taking the opportunity to use them on my bookshelves in my craft room! 

Used this box as a prop in this new printable on the site - STATE HEART PRINT

#10 - My Husband - as always, he seems to always be on my obsessions list. We are just a few weeks away from our 1st wedding anniversary - so I'm kind of appreciating him a little bit more right now! 

Photo by Leah Huebner 

My Obsessions change daily, as they should, but these seemed to mean a little more to me than usual. Working at home really does seem to make me appreciate everything more - especially home decor & my family.