03 June 2014

Latest Obsessions!

We all go through the different phases where we have some crazy fun obsessions, right? Here are my latest top 10 (in no order, because I'm kind of obsessed with all of these on about the same level, hehe)  -

#1 -  This shelf in my kitchen - I recently added these adorable wedding photos of our parents because we pride ourselves on the fact that both of our parents are still married! 

#2 - This mug of my sweet boy's that was free ($2 shipping) on SNAPFISH! 
Our Sweet 6 month old Norwich Terrier, Cooper 
Our 3 year old, Toby!

#3 - I just recently broke down and got a subscription to COSMO, again. 

#4 - This ADORABLE Notebook for all the Random "STUFF" I need to write down during the day, snagged this at Target for $1

#5 - MY BACKSPLASH in my kitchen - Will be posting a "How To" Soon, but this wall was white a few weeks ago! 

#6 - Needless to Say, "Orange is The New Black" the Netflix Original will be releasing the new season this FRIDAY, June 6th. So I'm really excited to see what's going on at the prison now! 

#7 - Our new KING SIZED BED! We only have a mattress right now, because the Bed we ordered had a backlog - but we should be getting it in the next few weeks! We had been sleeping on a hand-me-down Queen that needed to be replaced, so we upsized to a King since we sleep with a puppy and a cat that like to stretch out! 

Here's the Bed Frame we ordered! 

#8 - These adorable Polka Dot Slip-ons from GAP - only $40!! They were super cheap & they go with everything! 

#9 - THESE ADORABLE BOXES! They were $6 at Target in the Gifting Section - but I'm totally taking the opportunity to use them on my bookshelves in my craft room! 

Used this box as a prop in this new printable on the site - STATE HEART PRINT

#10 - My Husband - as always, he seems to always be on my obsessions list. We are just a few weeks away from our 1st wedding anniversary - so I'm kind of appreciating him a little bit more right now! 

Photo by Leah Huebner 

My Obsessions change daily, as they should, but these seemed to mean a little more to me than usual. Working at home really does seem to make me appreciate everything more - especially home decor & my family. 


  1. I have yet to watch Orange is the New Black but I've been hearing so many things about it. I love cosmo, too! The ultimate women's mag!

    1. You have got to get into this show!! It is so worth it, I'm not a binge watcher (thank goodness, or I'd be up every night) but I can't seem to keep the remote from hitting play with this one!