30 June 2014

Living Room - Update, Part 1

We've been in our house for over a year now, and I have continually put off the living room because it's the biggest room in our home. Therefore, I decided to go one wall at a time! Seems smart, right? Let's hope so. Haha! Here's a lovely before photo that I took a few weeks ago from my cell phone. Please ignore how all of our pillows managed to be on one side of the couch & that we have a random "Coca Cola" vintage cooler on our ledge. Horrible, I know! 

So since my husband had to go out of town for a week on a business trip, I decided to go to work! I've been dying to paint this wall since we moved in, but I wanted to paint it orange, and was admittadely nervous about it. What sane person paints a wall in their living room orange? THIS GIRL! I drove to Lowe's with no exact color in mind, and picked out this one called - Roasted Squash! 20 minutes later, I was painting it on my wall. I will tell you that I have a lot of experience painting due to a past Visual Merchandising job that required a lot of it, therefore, I am decently good. I don't use painters tape, so I basically had the whole wall painted only an hour after I decided to paint it - a.k.a. =  a perfect description of how I do everything in my life. 

So much better already, right? Thank goodness this color was absolutely PERFECT or it would be bad news right about now. I guess I should confess my biggest secret now... I depend on PINTEREST for all of their decorating needs. Alright, the truth's out. Haha. So I head on over to the search bar & type in "DIY pillow covers."  Luckily, since I can sew, and I had a ton of mismatched pillows, I found this gem of a tutorial - from the Blissful Bee Blog! So I ran out to Hancock Fabrics (because I knew they were having a sale), picked up some cute fabrics & got to work. Just a few minutes later (literally, this tutorial was so easy), I had this - 

The orange ones I already had, but the blue ones use to be a weird yellow Aztec print (you can see them in the first picture). Can we talk about this cute one in the middle? Thankfully, it is complements of my mother-in-laws extra fabric and her embroidery machine! 

Now, BACK TO PINTEREST... Searching "Lamp Re-do." I kind of looked around for a good one to help me with the lamp I had already, but didn't have a ton of luck. So I just jumped right in like I did with the wall, ran to Lowe's, bought some Navy blue spray paint (just made sure it worked with metal, since that's what my lamp was made of) and bought a clearance $10 shade. Ran home, took the lamp apart and sprayed it. Obviously, this probably wasn't the best way to do it, but it only cost me $13 to re-do the lamp, $3 for the spray paint, and $10 for the shade. Also, only took 30 minutes for the paint to dry. 

Now, to DEAL with this Green Recliner - I simply added another pillow (thrift store find for $8) and a hand knitted blanket from my mother-in-law. 

I am going to be in the market for a new chair eventually, but not right now. Any suggestions? I have to make sure that it's something comfortable that my husband will sit in, but cute enough to go with everything in the room, I'm also hoping to get something other than a recliner - Here's something I was thinking about, below. But, since we just bought a whole new bedroom suite, which we will be paying off for the next year, it's a far off vision!

So we've made a decent amount of progress in the past week, but there is SO MUCH MORE to do in this room. I'm just happy with what we have so far! 

If anyone has advice on what to put on this huge wall, let me know! Open to ideas! 


  1. It looks really good! Love how the colors pop!

    1. Thanks!! I'm so glad I went with such a bright color!

  2. The color makes all the difference! I would be so scared to go so bold, but it's perfect!

    1. Yay! I'm glad someone else thinks it's perfect! I was worried maybe my eye for color was TOTALLY off & I have just become a crazy person!!!