25 June 2014

The Perfect DIY Wedding Present

Since I've had so many weddings to go to this year, I've done my fair share of wedding present shopping. One of the hardest things for me is going to the parties that always correlate with the weddings empty handed! Sometimes, being invited to a close family or friends wedding (especially if you are part of the bridal party), means the Engagement party, one or two bridal showers, reception dinner, as well as the actual wedding. I'm a giver, so I like to always bring something to these festivities! However, doesn't that get CRAZY expensive. I like to take this adorable wine bottle to the Engagement Party or the Reception Dinner. This is the best DIY Wedding Present - FOR $10! 

This super cute wine label is something that the Bride & Groom doesn't pop open until their 1 year anniversary! We got something similar from a family friend of ours (will be popping it next week) and I thought it was the cutest idea ever & ran with it. 

Steps to Create: 
  1. Choose a White Wine (since they will be drinking this with the first layer of their wedding cake ) with a simple capped top - something preferably with no words/logos on it. This one had a pretty blue aqua foil with just some grapes on the very top! 
  2. Go buy these labels at Wal-Mart or your local Office Supply store - These are just a letter size page of paper that's split in half horizontally and all sticky! These wine labels will print on one half of this paper & just cut in half with scissors to place on the wine bottle! They only cost about $5 at Wal-Mart! 

  3. Take the old labels off! With this wine bottle, it was fairly easy except for one part. Therefore, I just got some soap and hot water & it came off super easy! 
  4. Email me - at lilyandweston@gmail.com with the information you want included on this wine bottle & I will send you a FREE PDF so that you can make this adorable wedding gift as well! 
  5. Print - easy as that. You just pop these labels in your printer and print them out. 
  6. Place the Labels - The hardest part of the process because you have to make sure you are centering the label. Just take your time and make sure that you don't press down too hard until you actually have it perfect. If the placement isn't perfect, just peel it back off and re-place! 
  7. Add a BOW - By adding a cute little bow, it makes it look more like a present! 

I will be making these for the first 20 people that inquire! Can't wait to get started! 


  1. Smart idea and cheap! I'll have to do this next time I'm invited to a wedding!

  2. Love this idea so much! Always love a little DIY gift :)

    1. Right? Sometimes I feel like it just makes it even more special!

  3. You weren't kidding in the title! This is the perfect gift, especially when you have to give a ton of them! I am pinning this, so I don't forget! Fortunately, I am kind of past the wedding season of my life. I was the last of my friends!