01 July 2014

Dirty/Clean Free Print & Product Review

Even though I stepped out and started working on decorating my living room last week, I am still stuck in my kitchen making sure to focus on all the little details. Since this kitchen hasn't been updated since it was built 25 years ago, we have had a lot to do! We did the backsplash, redid some stools, and painted the walls a cheery yellow color! Unfortunately we don't have the money to buy stainless steel appliances (which I would LOVE), but we are just making these white ones work! Therefore, I came up with this to add some fun to our dishwasher - 

I figured I would bring you this little print I made for my dishwasher! These might not work with your stainless steel, because they work best with magnets. 

Here are the color combos that I came up with! & As always, just let me know if you would like another color combination at lilyandweston@gmail.com

Get your Dishwasher Dirty/Clean Sign:  HERE

Okay, NOW, I'm about to hardcore brag about Suubi Darlings! This is Jessica & her partner Kelly's new business venture over at Life's Better Being Southern blog! She sent me the most adorable bracelet ever, and the best part about it is that some amazing women in Uganda made it!! AMAZING, right? Kelly went on a mission trip to Uganda, where she met these women who made this beautiful jewelry and wanted to find a way to help them sell it! Jessica & Kelly send these women money for shipping (which I'm sure is outrageous) so that they can receive the jewelry to sell via Etsy. By doing this, these girls are giving these women a way to provide for their families, which is just incredible. I am so happy I've been able to get to know them & that people like this still exist in today's society! 

So here's how adorable the package was when it came in & the really cute bracelet that I received! The note made out to me was so sweet, along with their adorable business card, and the explanation of what they do made the package so fun! As for the bracelet goes, the quality is great & is made out of high quality materials. I pray that this business only continues to grow!

I posted another photo of me wearing it on my Instagram! I then asked Jessica a few questions about Suubi Darlings & this is what she had to say -  

How to you fit Suubi Darlings into your schedule?
Kelly & I both work full time jobs but our schedules are very different. Because I work retail at Sephora, I always have different hours. Kelly gets two hours off for lunch everyday, so most weeks we meet for those 2 hours a couple of days a week at a Starbucks and work on Suubi. When I have days off, we spend hours trying to brainstorm, get new ideas, read blogs, take new instagram pictures, and find ways to expand Suubi so that we can better give back to these women! 

How do you and your partner know each other?
Kelly & I met when we were in high school. We did not go to the same school, but worked for a lady who's husband was a doctor. She paid us to pick blueberries every morning, run her errands, plant in her garden; you name it, we did it. Since that experience, we have been friends ever since! 

Where did the name, Suubi Darlings, come from?
The word Suubi is actually the Ugandan word for Hope. And Darlings came from the fact that we are from the south, proud of it, and it's just one of our favorite words! 

Find out more about Suubi Darlings Here
Etsy Page // Instagram // More info

These girls are great - so go check out their stuff!


  1. I am definitely going to make the dirty/clean sign! I'm always asking my husband if it's dirty or clean!

    1. That was our problem!! We use to always rewash dishes. This sign has helped us save a ton of time (& water!)