29 August 2014

Flashback Friday - First Date

A few weeks back - a fellow blogger that I went to high school with posted about her first date - here at Believe in the Sparks & I'm totally stealing her idea!

Dave & I met in class at Auburn University, and of course, spent the WHOLE entire semester getting closer and closer to actually thinking about asking each other out. Finally, one day, he found me on Facebook & messaged me. I literally didn't know his name until that very moment. I was excited to have found out his name, that I wrote on this wall and seemed WAY to eager to keep talking to him. Even though we were busy with football and school, we couldn't stop talking - which led into us going out on a date three days after he added me on Facebook.

It was a Tuesday in November when he came to pick me up from my house, and he was so different from anyone I had ever dated, that it didn't shock me at all when he was driving a tiny little Honda Fit while wearing converse, a short sleeve button down, and cargo shorts. However, different was what I needed. My past relationships had been failure after failure, and at this point, picky was the last thing I needed to be when it came to the material things. It was cute and he was nice - different in a good way. We went to a pizza place in Auburn and before I knew it, the pizza and beers were gone. It seemed like the fastest date I had ever been on. It was amazing how much we had in common and how quickly an hour and half at the resturant had gone by. As we were leaving, we could both tell neither one of us wanted the date to end. Therefore, he snuck in a very casual, "Would you like to come meet my dog?" How does a girl say no to a dog? Two hours later, after meeting the cutest dog ever and talking through an entire movie, it was hard to say goodnight.

Luckily, we quickly planned to hang out the next night, and the next, and the next. Before we knew it, we were done with finals and heading home for Christmas. We weren't excited about not spending all of our time together, however, we knew what we had was special and used the Christmas break to meet each other's families. After that, I knew. I knew he was the one.

How did you meet your boyfriend/husband?

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