21 August 2014

Living Room Makeover - Part 2

I started working on my living room a few weeks back - here's what I had accomplished then. 

In the past few weeks, I was able to collect items I wanted to put on the back wall - These are all Auburn University themed - which was never the direction I wanted to go when this living room makeover started. For some reason, it's just where I ended up. 

Like I said, we just stumbled upon these items that therefore turned into an Auburn Themed Living Room - 

1 // Navy blue with white STRING ART with the heart in Auburn, AL - followed a tutorial!
2 // A tiger - hand drawn by a friend 
3 // Found this silhouette of a Tree (at TJMAXX) in memory of Toomer's Trees 

Even though I still HATE this green chair (now thinking about dying the leather..), we had to make this side of the living room tied in as well. I made this print & got it printed at Office Depot to fit this old frame we had that I just spray painted with the same paint we used to paint the lamp! 

I then used some extra fabric I had from the pillow re-do's that I covered Cooper's crate bed liner & Toby's punch pillow! They could care less that I fixed them but it does help the living room feel more put together! 

I am half-way done with the curtains, as you can see in the photo of Cooper in his crate - they don't reach the floor...haha - photos to come!! :) 

Enjoy lovelies - 

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