04 August 2014

Organizational Board - Much Needed!!

When it comes to the types of arguments my husband & I have, it always seems to have something to do with household tasks or organizational mishaps. My husband is a neat freak & I like to have 4 or 5 purses on the coat rack to pick from before leaving the house - a.k.a - NOT NEAT - a.k.a. - bother's my husband. Therefore, we argue about it & therefore, we decided to look into a solution to our problems. Thankfully, like always, PINTEREST TO THE RESCUE!!!

I found this gem of a post - Organizational Board over at Girl Loves Glam, so thanks to McKenzie, we made this beautiful board for our house, below! 

If you remember in this LIVING ROOM post from a few weeks ago, our living room is now Orange & Blue! So since we had the paint, we thought this would be an easy and cheap solution to our problem. I'm going to go through the steps on how I did mine, which was a little different than Girl Loves Glam did hers! 

Here's what we bought (showing old calendar though) - We got it all for $30 at Walmart! 

// Plywood - we had some laying around the house & cut to 20"x33" 
// 2 5x7 frames 
// 1 8x10 frame
// 2 clips (we found these in the fridge section with magnets on the back) 
// A pen holder (found it in the school's locker section) 
// Velcro or Command Strips! 
// Trip to Office Depot to print the Calendar, To-do List, Menu & Chore List 

// STEP 1 // 
We started with the Plywood, by painting it the same orange we used on our back wall HERE
I then started taping the chevron using Painter's Tape & kept myself on track with a ruler, making sure the horizontal and vertical were even with each piece of tape. There are a TON of tutorials on Pinterest, but I had my engineer (otherwise known as my husband) help me with this part. The taping is the most time consuming part, because we wanted to get it JUST RIGHT. 

// STEP 2 // 
Once we got it all taped, I spray painted it with a blue (probably recommended painting, not spray painting, it was just what we had at the house). The tape did bleed a little bit (also just what we had around the house), but not bad enough to try to fix it. 

// STEP 3 //
Get the Lists & Calendar PRINTED!!
For any of these, if you drag them into WORD or PHOTOSHOP, you can change the color scheme! 

 The lists can be done from a home computer, on regular Letter Sized paper. 
However, the calendar is a 11"x17" paper - can be printed at any office supply store! 

Right Click & Save
Right Click & Save
Here's an example of one month from the calendar - 
August 2014 - December 2015 can be found HERE!

// STEP 4 //
I then added all of the items with Velcro & Command Strips - 
I even put the WHOLE THING to the wall with Command Strips & it's holding perfectly! 
The calendar was with Command Strip Hooks - after I hole punched the pages for the calendar.

I've already added some stuff to the lists 
& even labeled the two clips as DEBIT & CREDIT for our receipts, but you can use these clips for anything!! 

Also, a little sneak peek of our LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER - PART 2....

More to come of our AUBURN UNIVERSITY inspired (because we're crazy) living room, very soon! 

How do you keep organized, we are open to suggestions!! 

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my AMAZING Dad, the man who I realize I am an EXACT copy of. 

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