23 September 2014

Let's Organize that Desktop!

Even though my desktop wasn't horribly unorganized, I like to keep it to the least amount of items on my desktop as possible. Unfortunately, to make things easy, it does make my life better having things on it for easy access! Want your desktop to look like this? 

So this is what my desktop looked like below - like I said, it's been WORSE. But I had some random folders, pictures, songs, files, screenshots, etc. And I like to keep them on my desktop because I know that I'm going to be needing them soon and I don't want to delete them or place them somewhere where I will forget about it. You might be one of those people are SUPER ORGANIZED, but I'm hoping that you're life is a little unorganized like mine is (just to make me feel better!) 

You can download your different colors below - these are formatted for 1280x800 which fits perfectly on my 13" macbook. If you want one of these in a different size, just shoot me an email at lilyandweston@gmail.com


Enjoy lovelies!

12 September 2014

Flashback Friday - Our Engagement & Giveaway with Designs by Nicolina!

When Dave & I met - post about it here - we instantly knew that we were in this relationship with all of our hearts. Therefore, just a few months later, we starting talking hypotheticals. "When we have kids," "When we get married," etc. However, even though we were on the fast track to marriage, I had no idea that 11 months after we met, we would be engaged. 

It all started with the weirdest conversation with my roommate / best friend ever. 

Bestie - "Hey do you want to walk around Campus this afternoon?"
Me - "Why would we want to walk around campus?"
Bestie - "I don't know, just to like enjoy the weather before it gets cold."
Me - "I already worked out today."
Bestie -"But we've never like walked all around campus."
Me -"Okay..."

30 minutes later when we were about to leave - 

Me - "Why are you like kinda dressed up?"
Bestie - "I thought we could get a picture in front of the Auburn Sign"
Me - "Who's going to take it?"
Bestie - "My boyfriend can come pick us up and take the picture!"
Me - "Okay...Why are you painting your nails?"
Bestie - "I just want them to look good for the picture, want me to paint yours?"

30 more minutes later, after my nails were painted and this outing to go "walking" had officially turned into a photoshoot, her boyfriend picked us up  - 

Once we got to the Sign, this was the photo that ensued, which, was a great photo of us at the sign, I might add. 
Ignore the matching outfits...
After this was taken, I saw Dave come out from behind the corner of the sign, and literally got so excited, just because he was in town, and the thoughts that were going through my head were, "Yay, my bestie totally just rigged this so that Dave could surprise me, it all makes sense now!" However, as soon as I got to Dave and hugged him, he stopped me mid hug and said, "Hold on, I've got to tell you something." This was when I have no idea what sentimental stuff he started saying was because when your boyfriend goes down on one knee, everything starts spinning. 

This truly shows me how shocked I was. I just kinda kept looking at him. We then went on a little photoshoot catching the moments of our first few minutes being engaged, and of course, my now fiancé, decided to take some funny ones! 

Any fun stories about your engagement? 

Also, I'm so excited to be pairing up with Designs by Nicolina for a Giveaway! This is a super adorable Etsy shop that you must go to for all of your print & stationary needs. All of her stuff is super cute. We've paired up to giveaway some of Lily&Wes' labels & Designs by Nicolina Thank You Notes!! Here's a photo she posted of them paired together - can we talk about cute?

Enjoy! :) 

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09 September 2014

Baby Bird Nest - Cuteness Overload

Photo by Paul Chinn via Wildcare Website
As I was just chilling this past weekend watching TV, I had a cuteness overload of these adorable baby birds being rescued at WildCare in San Francisco, California - Visit their site - here. The "Nest's" that they are rehabilitated / cared for are knitted or crocheted by people from all over, and they NEED MORE. Obviously, since I know how to knit, I had to join this initiative and make one of these adorable things for these adorable babies!! They have to change them out throughout the day due to how dirty the feeding process and their pooping makes the "nests." So, as always, I hopped in my car ASAP and ran to the store to get some washable yarn to make a nest myself. 

Here's how mine turned out -  I actually knitted two, since I bought plenty of yarn at the store. I even put it in a bowl just to see what it would look like! Also, when you send it in, they promise to send you a photo of your nest as well as bird's using them!! I just put these in the mail - so I can't wait to see if I get an e-mail back from them.


01 September 2014

Beer Cakes - Pinterest for the Win!

With all of these birthday's coming up in our family, I've decided, since I'm staying home now, that I adventure into the world of cake making. Therefore, this opens up a whole NEW WORLD for me. When I came across these cakes on Pinterest, I knew that I had to make them for someone's birthday because they were so awesome. However, I kind of expected to fail. I even bought everything I would need to make a regular ole chocolate cake just in case! 

Here's what they were supposed to look like, thank you Pinterest, for making me feel stupid. Because, as you can see, mine did not look like this... 

The recipe was found HERE - and was very fun to make, considering how complicated it looks.

 You start out with the chocolate cake mix in MASON JARS - bake for 20 minutes and cool for 10. This part was SOO easy, it was stupid. I only made 8, even though the recipe called for 10. Then you just made up the other ingredients, and put them all together. This was the hardest part of the process, because each one felt like a delicate flower that you didn't want to break. For mine, instead of cool whip for the top, since it was something that could only be added last minute, and I needed something that would already be on it, I whipped up a vanilla buttercream frosting (that I use for a lot of my cakes) and added that instead. It didn't look as great as the cool whip would have,  but it was still the right color and actually tasted better than I think the cool whip would have! 

Here's a photo of my father-in-law enjoying his Birthday BEER MUG! Who can say that? These were a hit with my husband's family, simply because they were different. Even though they didn't look like the photo above, they were definitely a Pinterest WIN! 

Happy Birthday Larry!