09 September 2014

Baby Bird Nest - Cuteness Overload

Photo by Paul Chinn via Wildcare Website
As I was just chilling this past weekend watching TV, I had a cuteness overload of these adorable baby birds being rescued at WildCare in San Francisco, California - Visit their site - here. The "Nest's" that they are rehabilitated / cared for are knitted or crocheted by people from all over, and they NEED MORE. Obviously, since I know how to knit, I had to join this initiative and make one of these adorable things for these adorable babies!! They have to change them out throughout the day due to how dirty the feeding process and their pooping makes the "nests." So, as always, I hopped in my car ASAP and ran to the store to get some washable yarn to make a nest myself. 

Here's how mine turned out -  I actually knitted two, since I bought plenty of yarn at the store. I even put it in a bowl just to see what it would look like! Also, when you send it in, they promise to send you a photo of your nest as well as bird's using them!! I just put these in the mail - so I can't wait to see if I get an e-mail back from them.



  1. This is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen. What a great initiative to be a part of.