01 September 2014

Beer Cakes - Pinterest for the Win!

With all of these birthday's coming up in our family, I've decided, since I'm staying home now, that I adventure into the world of cake making. Therefore, this opens up a whole NEW WORLD for me. When I came across these cakes on Pinterest, I knew that I had to make them for someone's birthday because they were so awesome. However, I kind of expected to fail. I even bought everything I would need to make a regular ole chocolate cake just in case! 

Here's what they were supposed to look like, thank you Pinterest, for making me feel stupid. Because, as you can see, mine did not look like this... 

The recipe was found HERE - and was very fun to make, considering how complicated it looks.

 You start out with the chocolate cake mix in MASON JARS - bake for 20 minutes and cool for 10. This part was SOO easy, it was stupid. I only made 8, even though the recipe called for 10. Then you just made up the other ingredients, and put them all together. This was the hardest part of the process, because each one felt like a delicate flower that you didn't want to break. For mine, instead of cool whip for the top, since it was something that could only be added last minute, and I needed something that would already be on it, I whipped up a vanilla buttercream frosting (that I use for a lot of my cakes) and added that instead. It didn't look as great as the cool whip would have,  but it was still the right color and actually tasted better than I think the cool whip would have! 

Here's a photo of my father-in-law enjoying his Birthday BEER MUG! Who can say that? These were a hit with my husband's family, simply because they were different. Even though they didn't look like the photo above, they were definitely a Pinterest WIN! 

Happy Birthday Larry! 


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