23 September 2014

Let's Organize that Desktop!

Even though my desktop wasn't horribly unorganized, I like to keep it to the least amount of items on my desktop as possible. Unfortunately, to make things easy, it does make my life better having things on it for easy access! Want your desktop to look like this? 

So this is what my desktop looked like below - like I said, it's been WORSE. But I had some random folders, pictures, songs, files, screenshots, etc. And I like to keep them on my desktop because I know that I'm going to be needing them soon and I don't want to delete them or place them somewhere where I will forget about it. You might be one of those people are SUPER ORGANIZED, but I'm hoping that you're life is a little unorganized like mine is (just to make me feel better!) 

You can download your different colors below - these are formatted for 1280x800 which fits perfectly on my 13" macbook. If you want one of these in a different size, just shoot me an email at lilyandweston@gmail.com


Enjoy lovelies!

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