28 October 2014

This Month in Instagram's

Hey!! Oh my, it's been WAYY too long since I've posted. Life has been really weird for me the past two months. Every day, I'm most likely balancing so many things. When I quite my full time job, I decided to stay on for a few hours a week to help out, I got hooked up with a random tutoring job, which led to another tutoring job, I'm working to get my puppy in agility training & I'm trying to grow my company. It's a lot to handle & the blog kind of got away from me, which I HATE. Therefore, I thought I would do a Month's worth of Instagram's - 

1 // My husband's cousin got married in Praire Du Sac, Wisconsin near the end of September. This was our attempted "couple selfie" in the church and as always, my husband has his "selfie smile" going - also seen in photo 5 
2 // Disc Golf with the Family since the weather has been so amazing, we decided to take Cooper with us!
3 // One of my best friends came into town for a WHOLE WEEK - it was amazing to say the least. This picture was snapped one night when we went out! 
4 // I got to see my sister for the first time since our beach trip this summer - we watched Maze Runner & had Zoe's for lunch! 
5 // Dave's "selfie smile" again while cheering on our Green Bay Packers! 
6 // 2014 Halloween Costumes for a special needs Halloween Party at Merrimack Hall  here in Huntsville - Amazing programs & Amazing people! We were STRUCK BY LIGHTING! :)

It feels good to be back & keep an eye out for a bunch of freebies soon! 
Enjoy lovelies!