18 November 2014

36 days til Christmas feels like 10?!

Can someone please explain to me how this years Christmas has come at us FULL FORCE? I feel like we just had Halloween, oh yeah, BECAUSE WE DID! I'm all for having 5 Christmas trees in a small house that should only have one, but goodness, it's come early this year. Driving down my street, there are already THREE houses with some sort of Christmas decoration out. Luckily, since it was always a tradition in my house to break them out on the day of Thanksgiving, my husband and I always do the same. Therefore, those decorations are still getting dusty in our attic. However, when we turned Pandora's "Christmas Classic's" Station on the other day while sipping hot chocolate by our fire, I had to accept the early onset holidays and embrace it!

Therefore, I took one of my favorite bloggers free backgrounds and tweaked it for the holidays. I'm bringing you an overall APPLE background to get you in the mood a little more! Below are a computer, iPad and iPhone 4, 5 & 6 - get these on your phones to get you in the Holiday spirit!

Enjoy lovelies!