04 December 2014

Cooper's 1st Birthday!!

Some might think it's a little silly to celebrate your dog's birthday like we did, but those people most likely have children. For Dave & I, these are our children. So yes, we woke him up with a party hat and sang him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY," while he stared at us like we were crazy people who must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. And yes, I did find this adorable PUPCAKE recipe on Pinterest (of course) and made them the night before his BIG DAY! It was a stupid easy recipe that anyone could make in 15 minutes flat with some basic ingredients you have lying around the house!

These are adorable right?!

The Ingredients are all safe for the pups and were definitely approved by this little guy! 

I followed Jen Wood's recipe, but added a little milkmen to the top of mine and only added a small amount of Peanut Butter to whole batch EXCEPT for the BIRTHDAY BOY'S! Obviously, on his, I had to cover the whole thing in PB, because he's literally obsessed with it. & of course, I was trying to get professional grad photos of him eating it, but once again, I realized, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL & our dog is really obsessed with food. I did snap a few, and they are adorable enough to share! 

So, please tell me you celebrate your pets too?! 


  1. Pupcake?! Thats the cutest thing ever:) Your blogs adorable