30 December 2014

What's in My Purse?

With the new year, comes new things. Lots of fun, new things. Therefore, I thought I would post of bunch of my new favorites & they all happen to be in my purse right now!

First off, I got this cute purse at Francesca's for a steal of $26 this week with the great after Christmas deals! This is about average for me to spend on purses. I hate spending too much money, because I'm the type of person that likes things to change too often. When I spend money on a purse, I don't use it a year from when I bought it. Therefore, I buy the cheap ones that tear up a lot easier, but hey, at least I can just buy a new one when they do show some wear because I never broke the bank in the first place. 

Even though it just looks like a bunch of crap, all of these are MY LIFE! 

1 // My Lifesaver. I mean, my wallet. This is a Spartina Wallet, aka, the best wallet I have ever owned. This is their "Snap Wallet" but it holds 16 credit cards and still has room for bills, coins & business cards. The best thing is, they are canvas, which means they are easy to clean when they get dirty and only cost $36. Therefore, if you are in the market for a new wallet, BUY ONE OF THESE, NOW. 

2 // A koozie! First off, I'm always cold. Always. Therefore, whether it be a soda, a water, or a beer, no matter where I am, I always have something with me to make sure it doesn't make me colder. The one I always keep in my purse is my wedding Koozie. 

3 // My Lipsticks. I always have something on my lips, whether it be this amazing chapstick by Softlips  in Fresh Mint for $3 or my favorite lipsticks. Right now, the two in rotation are both amazing at keeping the color on while I eat and drink (very important, because I always tend to wear lipstick when going out!) 

 *  Rimmel London's Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick 012 Rosette Color here for $6 &
 *  Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor 140 Fuchsia Fever Color here for $8

And of course, I need something to keep my lipsticks in. Because I have experienced the "lipstick all over everything" at least once in my life. This adorable little Pink bag I have them in was $3 at H&Mm which was such a great snag! 

Also, every girl needs a mirror. If you don't have one in your purse, you're crazy and are obviously borrowing everyone else's. Therefore, this adorable Lilly Pulitzer one is perfect for my purse! 

4 // Sunglasses. Yes, I'm crazy and have three pairs in my purse at all times. For me, I have huge cheeks, and it's very hard to have just one pair that will match every single outfit I have. Especially since I think  "black sunglasses" are just WAY TOO BORING. 

*Gray and Black Leopard Print Sunnies - Gap for $30
* Blue Aviators - TJMaxx for $5 
* Simple Tortoise Shell Sunnies - Unclaimed Baggage for $3  

5 // Earbuds. Because I can't go grocery shopping without them. I honestly don't use them for anything else. Since I work from home, I just blast my music out loud all day and when I take my little Cooper on his walk, I like to just enjoy the silence of the neighborhood. 

6 // My keys, of course! There is nothing new about these, except the adorable chevron key. Therefore, I'm in the market for some way to make my keys cuter. Any suggestions?! 

Also, check out how nicely my AMAZING new SURFACE PRO 3 fits in my new purse?! 

I'm in the market for a case for this sweet computer/tablet, so that I can easily throw it in my purse on the go! 

Hope you enjoyed getting a peek inside my purse! 


  1. My favorite purse that I've ever had is from Francesca's. I used it until the lining was ripping out! I love the purse you have, so much. I immediately thought "where can I get that?" before you said it was from Francesca's! Then I definitely wasn't surprised. I haven't heard of that type of wallet before, but I will be looking at it. Mine is also wearing out and that would fit all of my requirements!

    1. Isn't Francesca's the best?! It's such a great place for gifts & fun goodies! Definitely check out these wallets, they are great, even though they aren't leather and super fancy, they are so functional it's crazy!!

  2. I've been meaning to do an updated what's in my purse post. And I'm so with you on having to carry around a koozie. I hate holding cold drinks.