12 January 2015

My New Surface Pro 3!

First off, you should know that my husband never KEEPS SECRETS. EVER. Every other time he has ever bought me a present that wasn't something I told him to, he can't seem to keep the secret longer than a week or so. This year, for some reason, he did a really great job of keeping my present a secret. The box was big, but very lightweight. Therefore, I had no idea what he had gotten me. Unfortunately, he had broken the news to me that it was quite expensive. However, I still really didn't know what it was.

Christmas Morning was really awesome because I knew he had done such a great job in keeping a secret, that I couldn't wait to open the present. Surprised is an understatement because I GOT A SURFACE PRO 3!!! You would've been surprised too! My computer works great and this was such a sweet surprise that was something I wanted and not needed. Which is rare now because I spend so much money on things I need and not things I want. Ugh, being a grown up is such a bummer sometimes.

Trying to contain my excitement while fighting off this furry creature! 

I just thought I would share what I thought about my new computer!! I LOVE IT. It's taking me time to get used to the Windows 8 format, but besides that, everything has been amazing! It's amazing simply because it's a tablet & computer all in one! That means I now have Photoshop & Excel on the go, which is perfect for my little business and everyday life. Besides it being the perfect computer that can do almost anything, there are a few CONS, but they might just be cons to me. 

1 // Only 1 USB port, but I quickly purchased this handy adapter to convert the 1 USB into 4 on Amazon for $7, super cheap addition and great for when I'm working and need a USB for my mouse, flash drive, and camera. It's makes me forget that I only have 1 USB! 

2 // The kickstand is actually quite uncomfortable if you plan on using the keyboard in your lap. This was something that bothered me from day one, therefore, I quickly bought one of these covers that has a kickstand, it makes it much more comfortable and easier to use in my lap! This one was also from Amazon (I'm a Prime member, so almost everything I buy is from Amazon) for only $12. I didn't want to break the bank in case I didn't like it, but it's been amazing so far, so if this one ends up being cheap quality, I will just spend more money on a better one!

3 // It's Microsoft Store formatted, which means it doesn't have as many apps as Android or Apple Tablets do. However, it is a computer, so anything is within arms reach if I needed it. It's just a little less of an iPad in terms of the amount of games and fun little extra apps it has. There's no fix to this, except realizing that it's more of a computer than a tablet, which I have done!

Even though this computer does have a few cons, it really is an amazing piece of technology! It is perfect for my life right now and I LOVE finally having a tablet! I hope this helps you understand how much I like it, even though I've been an avid MacBook user for the past 3 years. Do any of you have one? Or think it's worth looking into?



  1. I'm so jealous! I've been using an iPad since 2011. While I love it for reading, Netflix, games and other things, it's not ideal for blogging and working in Wordpress. So I have to switch to my laptop. Compared to the size of the iPad, the laptop takes up space. But like you said, the Surface Pro is pretty expensive, not to mention the extra's you need to buy. The hubs and father-in-law are looking into these for the company at the end of Tax season. I'm trying to figure out how to get myself one.... :)

    1. I hope you can manage to get one for youself!! Dave ended up spending $900 on it, because he spent a little extra on memory. However, I had a friend who found out I got a new computer and asked if she could buy my MacBook from me! Even though it was hard to part with, I didn't need it anymore and the $400 we settled on ended up paying for almost half of the Surface Pro 3!!!

  2. Nice!! I'm a hardcore apple fan, but their lack of a touch screen computer is making me question my loyalty...

    1. Haha! My MacBook was like my child to me, but I haven't truly missed it since I got this beauty!