21 January 2015

Sephora Too Faced Giveaway!!

Can we talk about how one of my goals this year is to actually put makeup on more often. Ever since I quit my day job to do what I love, I find myself NEVER, can I repeat that, NEVER, put on makeup. If we decide to go out to dinner, yes, I might throw on some powder and mascara, but since when did I get so lazy and boring? I use to love experimenting with makeup and see where it took me. Thank goodness I still have my skills, but gracious, all of my makeup is aging as we speak. Therefore, one of my goals this year had to be wearing more makeup, more often. Just having fun with it while I can, because I'm sure once kids are in the picture, I really won't have time.

So I partnered with a few girls & Hey Sabrina Faith to bring you this adorable Bar Palette of Shadows!


BROUGHT TO YOU BY:Lily and Wes  | Beauty Info Zone | Becoming Adorrable  |  To Hell in a Handbag  | Hey Sabrina Faith

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