20 January 2015

Time Management in the New Year (Guest Post by Taylor!)

Hey Ladies! I've invited Taylor, this adorable girl below, to write a post on Lily&Wes this week, with the new year, brings new things, and new (attempted) ways to do things. I know I've made my list of goals & to-do's for 2015, but how do I manage to make them a reality? It's been my biggest down fall, but thanks to Taylor, she's going to share some of her tips on Time Management (Hallelujah, right?!) 


Hello, new friends! My name is Taylor. I blog over at Live and Move, and I also own a brand strategy firm called Jubilant.

It may be just me, but the start of the new year is one of my busiest seasons. I'm a student, so I'm getting acclimated to new classes. My new year's resolutions add extra to-dos to my list. I'm catching up on things that got left by the wayside during the holiday season. In short, I'm swamped.

So when Kayla said I could write a guest post on Lily & Wes, I immediately knew what I wanted to share with you: tips for organizing your time in the new year.

1. Assign tasks to specific chunks of time.

I'm currently a student, a blogger, an entrepreneur, and a freelancer. The only way that I get anything done is by dedicating days to specific types of work. Mondays are for business. Wednesdays are for blogging. Fridays are for freelancing. Now, that's the system that works best for me. For you, it may be better to divide your tasks into half-days, hours, or minutes.

2. Invest in a good planner.

For whatever reason, things stick with me when I write them out by hand. I'm fiercely loyal to my old school planner. However, I know that some people stay organized with their Google calendar or iCal. The main point is that you need some type of organizational system to keep track of schedule.

3. Prioritize rest.

This sounds counterintuitive in a society that tells us we must always be doing, but I'm a firm believer in having time for being. Give yourself time to spend meaningful time with yourself and your loved ones. It will actually improve your work performance.

These are just a few of my go-to strategies for keeping my time organized. As a gift to you, I'm including and organization and time management worksheet from my upcoming ebook, below!

Right click & print or save! 
I hope it's useful in making the most of your time.

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Aren't these amazing tips?!? I definitely am going to start working on #2 by researching planners, I've got my eye on a few, but am afraid to pull the trigger because of their prices! I'll let you know what i do! 


  1. I consider myself a pretty organized person and I'm usually pretty good with deadlines and planning my work, but posts like this always motivate me to do even better :-) Good luck!

    1. Right?! When Taylor told me she wanted to do something on organization, I was like, YES PLEASE! Even though I have my calendar super organized and our family has this organizational board, I feel like this post made me get back into the swing of things!!


  2. Oh I'm ALL about the planners! I actually ended up making my own because I needed something super specific.

    1. Which planner do you use? I'm in the market for one!