27 September 2016

Baby Halloween Onsies Under $20

As this Halloween starts to get closer and closer, I really am thinking about what Hadley is going to dress up as. Do I get her all dressed up for just one night? She might not be walking yet, she can't eat the candy, and probably will have no idea what is going on. Is it logical to spend money on an outfit that maybe only 20 people will see her in? Dave and I even discussed not dressing her up at all, but I'm over here like, uh, my child will be dressing up because of the pictures we will take. I love looking back at photos of my first holidays. I was an angel, but was only a month and half old when my first Halloween came around. Luckily, my sister was born 12 days after me, so my mom got to use that angel costume twice!

Once I decided that we were for sure going to dress Hadley, I definitley wanted to keep it low on cost. However, as I was looking for ideas on what to dress her up as, I realized that there were so many cute costumes out there that are like $50!! What? For a baby? So I started looking around and found so many simple onsies that are so perfect for a baby without going overboard. Here's a list of boy & girl outfits that all cost less than $20 that I found on Amazon. How easy are these? Most of them are offered on PRIME, so you can even buy these last minute! I think these are also so perfect for those of you who might have several events to attend and want to dress your baby up in more than one outfit!

For the Girls (Row 1) -  Mermaid $6 |  Pineapple $13|  Fox $8

For the Boys (Row 2) -  Pirate  $13 | Superman $9 | Mickey Mouse $20 

For the Newborns (Row 3) -  Mermaid  $16 | Bear $16 

Also, should we dress up as a family?! There goes that $20 budget...

26 September 2016

Fall Family Photos

Dave's sister came in town a few weeks ago and was kind enough to snap a few pictures of our adorable little family after church since we were already all dressed up. The pictures turned out amazing, mostly because our sweet babe is so photogenic. 

Huge thanks to my sister-in-law, Leah, for these amazing memories! 

Outfit pieces - 
HADLEY - Dress is Gap / Bow is Little Poppy Co 
 ME - Top is from Target (now $7 on clearance!) / Jeans are Old Navy

01 September 2016

My Child is More Perfect than Yours

Every week, Hadley and I go to the library for storytime. This week, there was a new child in the group that I hadn't seen before. She was walking and had on the cutest little moccasins and her mom looked like she had spent 2 hours getting ready. She had perfectly manicured hands, perfectly blown hair, and an outfit that was more put together than the one I wore on my last job interview. Obviously, I'm probably exaggerating (one of my weaknesses), but that's what she looked like in my mind. Anyway, I was thinking to myself, as she sat down next to me, "I wish my daughter and I looked that put together." The thought popped in fast and quickly went away because we were at the library for storytime and I'm never one to get caught up in comparisons. When storytime was over, she started up a conversation with me. She was really nice and simply asking me about Huntsville because she had just moved to town. As we were talking, she caught me off guard. She said to me, "Your daughter is the cutest little girl I have ever seen. I wish my daughter had that much hair." Wait, what? How could this perfect little mom be jealous of my daughter's messy ponytail? 

With social media playing such a strong influence in today's society, there is such an emphasis on being "perfect." How do we compete with perfect? Simply put, we can't. Guess what? Even with all of the competition out there, I think my child is more perfect than yours and I worked my butt off to make sure that that is true in my mind. I've spent countless tears fighting for her to breastfeed, countless bottles trying to make sure she got the nutrients she needs, countless nights making sure she was sleeping through the night, countless miles put on our stroller to calm her down, countless prayers that she stays happy and healthy, and eventually, countless years of teaching her right from wrong and everything in between. After all of that, why would I even compare my child to anyone else's? This doesn't go without saying that your child is also perfect, because your child is perfect to you. There is nothing that should make you feel differently, so ignore all of those perfect posts and perfect houses and perfect families, because your family is the most perfect one ever. 

So here's to NOT comparing ourselves or our children to others
 (at least for a few weeks)! 

29 August 2016

But First, Football!

FOOTBALL. Enough said, right? I can't be the only one around here this excited for football to start. I'm so excited for this weekend to get here so that we can get all dressed up and enjoy Hadley's first Auburn game with her! Even though we have plenty of game day outfits, I really like to get hyped up during the week by repping my team colors when I'm out shopping around town. Here's a little outfit I've put together to get us all in the mood! 

Tank | I bought this ADORABLE tank last week, but haven't gotten it in yet! It's a groupon deal, but checked out the company before ordering. They have great reviews, so I took a chance. I'm excited to get it in and see how it fits. It's still 100 degrees here in Alabama, so this tank top is honestly the only option when I'm running errands with Hadley for these upcoming weeks until it cools down a bit. And this seriously is like the cutest tank, I might end up buying Dave one of their t-shirts soon!

Urban Peach Pendant | If you haven't checked out Urban Peach yet, DO IT NOW! This $3 necklace, yes, I said $3, is so cute! I buy from their site all the time because of how trendy and cheap they are. I can still stay up to date on what's new without the boutique price tag. I'm going to have to add this pendant to my cart and get it soon because this would go with almost any outfit. I'm still having a few issues with wearing some necklaces though because of Hadley. If they grab her attention, I usually only have them on for a few minutes before they fall victim to my diaper bag! I will definitely be excited for the day where I don't have to worry about that anymore, but then again, at that point, I'll be buying her jewelry! Hehe

Old Navy Jeans | I bought these a few weeks ago during one of my many, many trips to Old Navy. They were on sale and I really love straight legged pants for spring/fall because I keep them cuffed and it keeps me a little bit cooler than if I were wearing skinny jeans. They're on clearance on the website right now for $21, so get them soon before they sell out! They have these in plus and maternity too, all on clearance. 

Yeti | My Yeti has been in my hand all summer long. I've been drinking so much water to keep up with Hadley and the heat around here. It keeps ice cold for like FOREVER and my water is never warm when I take a sip. I leave it around the house and whenever I'm thirsty, I start drinking and 99% of the time, it's still freezing cold. It fits in my cup holder in my car and on both of my strollers, so I really do take it wherever I go. I even got a decal for it off of Etsy to make it a little bit cuter and my mother-in-law got a handle and cute straw for it so that it's easier for me to hold. During football season, it's going to do a great job of keeping my beer cold! 

Converse | I live in my converse, especially my white ones. They are always by our backdoor because I know I can throw them on just about anytime I'm wearing jeans! I love how comfortable they are and when they get dirty, I just toss them right in the wash and they come out looking brand new. I have 2 other pairs, but right now, these are my favorite. 

I couldn't be more excited for football to start because it means cooler weather, enjoying friends and family, gameday food, and of course, football! Here's to the PAINFULLY LONG WEEK AHEAD and War Eagle! 

26 August 2016

Our Summer Was Amazing

Hey all! I feel like it's been forever since I've posted on here, but life is very time consuming with a baby, goodness. I've been so focused on having TWO mortgages as well as trying to decorate/unpack our new home, while following a crawling baby around! I just wanted to get on here and recap our summer for you. It's been a fun one, and definitely one for the books - Here's a little recap of all we did, using photos, because, that's always the best way to tell a story! 

First off, WE MOVED! I posted some photos that we took the day we moved in here and our home buying experience here. We are IN LOVE with our new home and couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, we do have two homes STILL. Ugh. Could that suck anymore? I guess if you have three? Haha. We have had several offers, but for some reason, they've all fallen through for some reason. We even got another call today, but we've learned to not get our hopes up. We know it will sell, it just sucks waiting, and paying two mortgages/power bills/etc. 

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Isn't it the cutest house? I think it has so much personality because it was built in the late 70's! The inside is even better, check out this post to see some more pics from when we moved in.

23 August 2016

Cutie Bibs for Hadley {{GIVEAWAY}}

This post is sponsored by My Great Baby, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

Hadley has officially started eating three meals a day. Why has she grown up so fast? I thought starting her on baby food would be a slow process and I would jump in when she was like one or something. I was totally off on that baby timeline!! She wants food all the time. Right now we do mostly purees with puffs at the end. She really has a love for puffs and so do I because it takes her so long to eat them. It gives me a little time to get some stuff done around the kitchen while she's eating. Once a day we try some real food, be it eggs, potatoes, green beans, carrots, etc. She definitely likes real vegetables more than baby food veggies, so we try to give her those more often. Anyway, keeping her clean has been a HUGE problem. She is a REALLY messy eater. She likes to put everything in her mouth herself. EVERYTHING. Therefore, food gets in her hair, in her neck, in her armpits, all over the high chair and the floor!

18 August 2016

Hadley's Birth Story

Our birth story is way less stressful than the one that I thought I would be posting about one day. At about 35 weeks (early December) we had a scheduled ultrasound because I had been measuring several weeks ahead since about half way through our pregnancy. They were simply just checking her measurements to make sure she wasn't already a 9 pound baby. To my surprise, she was right on track, measuring 5 lbs 6 oz. However, the reason behind the measurements coming up further along than 35 weeks was because she was breech. Her head was sticking out so much that it was causing a bigger measurement. At this point, I was a little upset because I only had a few more weeks to get this little girl to change her positioning and I had no idea how to make it happen. The doctor didn't seem too worried about it at the moment because she had 5 weeks to turn. By the next week, she explained that we could try to turn her or simply schedule a c-section. The decision to not try to turn her was a hard one, but I was just too nervous that I might go into labor 3 weeks early and that she would be premature. Therefore, we scheduled a c-section for 39 weeks and 2 days on January 6th. The next few weeks were extremely stress free as we enjoyed Christmas and enjoyed knowing that I most likely wouldn't go into labor! 

On the 6th, we woke up at 4 AM to get to the hospital by 5:20 to start getting prepped for the c-section. We were able to leisurely register and start getting assessed by a nurse. Dave was able to enjoy his coffee, thank goodness! Needless to say, we were way too excited when 7:00 came around and they started to roll me down the hall to the OR. 

14 August 2016

New Home Sweet Home!

The Hueby's officially have a new home! We realized that the house we currently own was too small the day we brought our sweet girl home from the hospital. She came with quite a few (million) things that take up a lot of space. We began the house buying journey - explained here in this previous post - in March. We officially closed this past Friday, May 6th! We couldn't be more excited to be in our forever home with plans of an amazing future. We wanted to commemorate today with some photos so that we have this memory forever. Our lives will change a lot in the next 10 years and these photos will truly be cherished memories then. Thanks to Dave's sister, Leah, for taking these amazing photos. Check our her work here!

12 May 2016

Hadley // 4 Months Old

This little babe is 4 months old and this past month has been amazing for our family and her development! 

She CAN - laugh, roll over (both ways!), and grab her toes
She LOVES - being outside, listening to music, playing with toys and her blankie 
She DOESN'T LIKE - nursing (sad face for momma!), her car seat, or being hungry
We will NEVER FORGET -  her days at the softball fields or how much she sleeps

This month wasn't pack full of super fun things, but we spent MANY days at the dog park when we had to leave our house for showings. We closed on our new home this past Friday, but are still in the process of selling our current home. We have to load up the dog, cat and baby girl and leave the house. Luckily we are a few minutes from a dog park and we are able to let the dog run around while the kitty chills in the car. Hadley loves hanging at the dog park because it's nice shady but there's a lot to look at. 

One of the really fun things we started this month is storytime at the library! It's just a few minutes from our new house and they do Little Bits Storytime & puppet shows every Friday. She isn't 100% involved with the actual reading part, but she enjoys watching the other babies (most are closer to a year old!) She really gets cracked up with what's going on and seems to have a better day because of it. They are taking off the month of May and transition into summer (BOO!), but we are really excited to start back up in June and continue going until she shows no interest in it anymore. The best part about it is that Dave is off work every other Friday, so he's been coming too! 

The saddest thing for me this month is that she decided she didn't want to nurse anymore, even with all of our efforts to get her to do what she had been a rockstar at for 3 months, the screaming just didn't stop. It's not easy to feel so unwanted so suddenly, but we have figured out an amazing system of pumping and feeding her bottles. The transition sucked, but I'm getting used to it and I now know that this is what is best for her. This girl smiles so big when she sees a bottle now that it's actually kind of comical. 

This month FLEW by because of all of the house stuff going on, but we are definitely soaking in every single minute with our sweetie pie. Here's a few of my favorites from his month:


16 April 2016

Hadley // 3 Months Old

This little one has accomplished so much in the past month it's crazy! This past month has been great because she is able to enjoy the day time a lot more than before and we are loving being able to expose her to the world around her. 

She CAN - Suck her thumb, sit up in her seat and almost laugh
She LOVES - sleeping at night, Cooper, "talking" to us, and smiling
She DOESN'T LIKE - tummy time, naps, or her car seat 
We will NEVER FORGET -  her first Easter

Dave had a huge ceremony March 8th where he was honored with a Global War on Terrorism Award for his service in Kuwait this past year. Hadley, Dave's parents, and I were able to go support him. She did amazing throughout the ceremony (about an hour) and barely made a peep. She enjoyed the fact that they had a live band that did the national anthem! 

Easter was a blast this year because it was Hadley's first family get together in Clanton (with my mom's side!) She got to meet all of her cousins and really did great considering we spent the whole day there. My parents enjoyed showing her off as well as spending a bunch of time with her on a holiday. We are even more excited about Easter next year though because we will be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt as well as see the Easter bunny. 

My parents 
My Sister

We even brought out my Easter dress from 1990 and took a few photos in it! My one takeaway from this outfit was that it was HARD AS HECK to put on her with the million buttons up the back as well as how much harder it was to clean. I am so thankful that clothing that is available today is made more for the momma who's changing them! 

Here are a few other photos we took this month that we absolutely love -