24 February 2016

Hadley // One Month Old

How in the world has 1 month already gone by?! I honestly don't know where the time has gone. The past month has been amazing and I am so glad we have such an amazing little girl to have shared it with! This month we've done quite a bit considering it was just another boring January! 

We brought you home from the hospital on January 9th to meet up with your Mimi (my mom) and the West Family (who greeted us with Chick-Fil-A, thankfully!) 

Your next big day was on Jan 11th - Mimi was still in town, so we had some much appreciated help getting you ready to go out of the house. We gave you your first bath (which you didn't enjoy at all), got you dressed, went to your first doctor's appointment that went perfectly because you even gained some weight and went to Target to grab a few baby items! 

Also, at your two week appointment, I mentioned to the Lactation Consultant that I was waking up in the middle of the night covered in milk because I was leaking. She told me that I should start waking up in between feedings to pump so that I don't lose that milk. Therefore, when you were about three weeks old, you had your first bottle from daddy! You still have some trouble taking it, because you tend to gag a few times before you realize we aren't just shoving something in your mouth. When you realize it's milk, you take it like a champ and gulp it all down very quickly! 

A few days before you turned a month old, your Aunt Leah came in town to meet you for the first time all the way from Los Angeles! She brought her camera and took some cute pictures of you and enjoyed hanging out for a few days. She bought you a cookie cake and toy since you turned one month old while you were home! We even got a good laugh because she felt a little cold and didn't want to get you sick, so she wore a mask when she held you most of the time! 

You even let mom take a ton of pictures of you this month while daddy was at work.