07 March 2016

Hadley // 2 Months Old

Two months old already? How does this time fly so fast? This little girl has changed so much in the past month. So much has happened this month, but it still feels like I took her 1 month photo yesterday. Her development is on track and we go to the doctor in just a few days for her two month check up and her vaccinations!! 

I have been able to leave the house on a regular basis at night to run some errands while Dave has a chance to feed her a bottle and just spend some time with her. However, I was extra excited to go to my Bunco group when she was 5 weeks old because I was able to get showered and put makeup on! Seeing the ladies that I hadn't seen since December, before Hadley, was also awesome!!! 

We also made sure to take some pictures on Valentine's day! Dave & I got ready because his parents came over in the morning to watch Hadley so that we could go to a movie and lunch for Valentine's day. It definitely was a different type of date, but we had a blast because we were able to get away for a few hours! She did great for them and we had an awesome time! 

At 6 weeks old, we went to Auburn for a quick trip because Dave had to go there for work. My sister lives there, so Hadley and I were definitely excited to join! We stayed in a hotel and Hadley slept in her pack and play for the first time and did amazing!!! She actually slept longer than we did. While Dave had to work, Hadley and I went on Auburn University's campus (where Dave & I met) and took some pictures. Dave met up for us for lunch and we took some photos where Dave proposed to me (in front of Samford Lawn)!

Later that weekend, my grandfather came into town with my parents to meet Hadley for the first time. Hadley is his 7th great grandchild (3rd great granddaughter)!! 

I'd say it was a pretty awesome month that we had. I'm also so thankful that I was able to leave the house so much. Going from a working pregnant lady to a stay at home mom has been an interesting transition and I think the hardest thing is feeling like I'm at our house way too much, so this month was actually pretty great for this momma!!

I've attached some of my favorite photos I took of Hadley - this has quickly become one of my favorite parts of our day. If she's feeling good, I'll dress her up and snap a few photos!


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