16 April 2016

Hadley // 3 Months Old

This little one has accomplished so much in the past month it's crazy! This past month has been great because she is able to enjoy the day time a lot more than before and we are loving being able to expose her to the world around her. 

She CAN - Suck her thumb, sit up in her seat and almost laugh
She LOVES - sleeping at night, Cooper, "talking" to us, and smiling
She DOESN'T LIKE - tummy time, naps, or her car seat 
We will NEVER FORGET -  her first Easter

Dave had a huge ceremony March 8th where he was honored with a Global War on Terrorism Award for his service in Kuwait this past year. Hadley, Dave's parents, and I were able to go support him. She did amazing throughout the ceremony (about an hour) and barely made a peep. She enjoyed the fact that they had a live band that did the national anthem! 

Easter was a blast this year because it was Hadley's first family get together in Clanton (with my mom's side!) She got to meet all of her cousins and really did great considering we spent the whole day there. My parents enjoyed showing her off as well as spending a bunch of time with her on a holiday. We are even more excited about Easter next year though because we will be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt as well as see the Easter bunny. 

My parents 
My Sister

We even brought out my Easter dress from 1990 and took a few photos in it! My one takeaway from this outfit was that it was HARD AS HECK to put on her with the million buttons up the back as well as how much harder it was to clean. I am so thankful that clothing that is available today is made more for the momma who's changing them! 

Here are a few other photos we took this month that we absolutely love - 


04 April 2016

We're Moving!!

Our current home! 
This is our home. I love our home. I really wanted to live in this home for many more years to come. However, when we added one little tiny human to our family, we immediately realized that our house was too small. It's actually an amazingly adorable home, with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths (which is totally do able with more children), but we don't have any entertaining space. We have a small eat-in kitchen and living room. That's it. No dining room, no office space, no other extra rooms. This was killing me. Our families have started visiting us more and more because of our sweet little girl, and we finally got sick and tired of only enough room for a few people to sit at a table and eat.