04 April 2016

We're Moving!!

Our current home! 
This is our home. I love our home. I really wanted to live in this home for many more years to come. However, when we added one little tiny human to our family, we immediately realized that our house was too small. It's actually an amazingly adorable home, with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths (which is totally do able with more children), but we don't have any entertaining space. We have a small eat-in kitchen and living room. That's it. No dining room, no office space, no other extra rooms. This was killing me. Our families have started visiting us more and more because of our sweet little girl, and we finally got sick and tired of only enough room for a few people to sit at a table and eat. 

Therefore, we put this baby on the market as quick as we could and started looking at homes in our area. We thought everything would go smoothly, we would find a house we loved, put a contingency on it, sell ours, and get that home of our dreams. However, we quickly found out that things don't always go so smoothly when buying & selling a home. We quickly found a house that had everything on our checklist, we put in an offer, and waited. The next two days went by slowly as we waited to find out if this would be our next home or not. However, over those two days, we actually realized that this wouldn't be our "forever" home that we dreamed of getting and were thinking about how we might not even sign the final offer paperwork. Luckily, the lady who owned the home realized that she couldn't even accept our offer due to foreclosure and handed the house over to the bank. This was the best thing that could have happened to us, because even though this house was picture perfect, it wasn't quite "THE ONE". We were excited to get back into the hunt and keep looking. 

House that went into foreclosure 
That night, we found a house that had only been on the market for less than a day and I texted our real estate agent and asked if she could meet us there the next day. Thankfully, she said yes! When we pulled up to this home, we knew it was our home. As we stepped through the door, we knew it was our home. As we continued into each and every room, we knew we HAD TO HAVE this house. Before we drove away from the showing, our real estate agent already had the paperwork in the making and because she knew there were so many other showings happening the next day, she put a timeline on our offer for 9 PM that night. Because of this timeline, the owner accepted our offer (which was full listing price with NO CONTINGENCY, because we knew there was no other way we could get this house)!!!! We were so excited to officially have the home of our dreams, but quickly realized we now have TWO houses to pay for. Even though this is a little bit stressful, we are still super hopeful of our house selling within the next few weeks and are even more excited to get into our new house!! We close the first week of May and I am more than excited to get into this house and turn it into the most amazing home for my family. 

Our new home! 

When I think about my favorite thing about our new house, I can't even think about just one because literally almost everything in this house is my favorite. 
I do love the kitchen, even though I will (in the next several years) update the appliances and maybe get some new countertops, but the hardwood floors and white/grey cabinets are so perfect! 

I really love the master shower. I mean, it's perfect. 

 And can I brag a minute how they converted the 5th bedroom into the master closet? I'm already dreaming about how I can do my makeup in here and can actually have enough room to keep my jewelry organized. It's going to make my daughter jealous one day! 

I love our living room as well, it's smaller than our current one, but it makes it seem even more cozy. There is a formal living room in the front of the house, but this room has so much character with built-ins, a stain glass window, a white brick fireplace and original hardwood floors. It's going to be the perfect place for Dave & I to relax at night. 

Now, this amazing room will probably be the most used room in the house. It's a huge multipurpose room. Not sure yet if we will make it our office's (there are TWO other built in desks in the house, one in the laundry, one in the kitchen) or keep it more for the kids. We will have to really see what works best for the family as a whole. But I can already picture this being a great playroom for all of the kids toys as well as evolving into a great room for the kids when they get older. Can someone say sleepovers?! It's so perfect for our growing family! 

Last favorite before I bore you all to death - is the backyard. Even though it's not my dream backyard with lots of green grass, it is amazing. It has a swing, a fire pit, a nice sized patio for table and chairs as well as a pergola up top for a more comfortable seating area. We hope to turn the backyard into something with some more character (and hopefully some more grass) in the future, but will immediately be putting in a fence for our Cooper. That is our Garage behind it all, which is the only thing I think I can come up with to complain about because it's detached. However, I think getting wet from walking in the rain a few times isn't much to complain about when the house is so perfect on the inside! 

So as of right now, we own two homes. I think it's a little crazy and think no one should ever do this, but now I totally understand why people end up with two mortgages. If the house is perfect and you want it, you gotta do what you gotta do. For the Huebner's, this was the right move! We have faith and will continue to have faith that our current home will sell soon. We did have an open house yesterday and there is one interested buyer, so we are praying they think this is the perfect home for them just like we did 3 years ago!

Have you ever been stuck with two mortages? How did you make it work?


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