12 May 2016

Hadley // 4 Months Old

This little babe is 4 months old and this past month has been amazing for our family and her development! 

She CAN - laugh, roll over (both ways!), and grab her toes
She LOVES - being outside, listening to music, playing with toys and her blankie 
She DOESN'T LIKE - nursing (sad face for momma!), her car seat, or being hungry
We will NEVER FORGET -  her days at the softball fields or how much she sleeps

This month wasn't pack full of super fun things, but we spent MANY days at the dog park when we had to leave our house for showings. We closed on our new home this past Friday, but are still in the process of selling our current home. We have to load up the dog, cat and baby girl and leave the house. Luckily we are a few minutes from a dog park and we are able to let the dog run around while the kitty chills in the car. Hadley loves hanging at the dog park because it's nice shady but there's a lot to look at. 

One of the really fun things we started this month is storytime at the library! It's just a few minutes from our new house and they do Little Bits Storytime & puppet shows every Friday. She isn't 100% involved with the actual reading part, but she enjoys watching the other babies (most are closer to a year old!) She really gets cracked up with what's going on and seems to have a better day because of it. They are taking off the month of May and transition into summer (BOO!), but we are really excited to start back up in June and continue going until she shows no interest in it anymore. The best part about it is that Dave is off work every other Friday, so he's been coming too! 

The saddest thing for me this month is that she decided she didn't want to nurse anymore, even with all of our efforts to get her to do what she had been a rockstar at for 3 months, the screaming just didn't stop. It's not easy to feel so unwanted so suddenly, but we have figured out an amazing system of pumping and feeding her bottles. The transition sucked, but I'm getting used to it and I now know that this is what is best for her. This girl smiles so big when she sees a bottle now that it's actually kind of comical. 

This month FLEW by because of all of the house stuff going on, but we are definitely soaking in every single minute with our sweetie pie. Here's a few of my favorites from his month:


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