29 August 2016

But First, Football!

FOOTBALL. Enough said, right? I can't be the only one around here this excited for football to start. I'm so excited for this weekend to get here so that we can get all dressed up and enjoy Hadley's first Auburn game with her! Even though we have plenty of game day outfits, I really like to get hyped up during the week by repping my team colors when I'm out shopping around town. Here's a little outfit I've put together to get us all in the mood! 

Tank | I bought this ADORABLE tank last week, but haven't gotten it in yet! It's a groupon deal, but checked out the company before ordering. They have great reviews, so I took a chance. I'm excited to get it in and see how it fits. It's still 100 degrees here in Alabama, so this tank top is honestly the only option when I'm running errands with Hadley for these upcoming weeks until it cools down a bit. And this seriously is like the cutest tank, I might end up buying Dave one of their t-shirts soon!

Urban Peach Pendant | If you haven't checked out Urban Peach yet, DO IT NOW! This $3 necklace, yes, I said $3, is so cute! I buy from their site all the time because of how trendy and cheap they are. I can still stay up to date on what's new without the boutique price tag. I'm going to have to add this pendant to my cart and get it soon because this would go with almost any outfit. I'm still having a few issues with wearing some necklaces though because of Hadley. If they grab her attention, I usually only have them on for a few minutes before they fall victim to my diaper bag! I will definitely be excited for the day where I don't have to worry about that anymore, but then again, at that point, I'll be buying her jewelry! Hehe

Old Navy Jeans | I bought these a few weeks ago during one of my many, many trips to Old Navy. They were on sale and I really love straight legged pants for spring/fall because I keep them cuffed and it keeps me a little bit cooler than if I were wearing skinny jeans. They're on clearance on the website right now for $21, so get them soon before they sell out! They have these in plus and maternity too, all on clearance. 

Yeti | My Yeti has been in my hand all summer long. I've been drinking so much water to keep up with Hadley and the heat around here. It keeps ice cold for like FOREVER and my water is never warm when I take a sip. I leave it around the house and whenever I'm thirsty, I start drinking and 99% of the time, it's still freezing cold. It fits in my cup holder in my car and on both of my strollers, so I really do take it wherever I go. I even got a decal for it off of Etsy to make it a little bit cuter and my mother-in-law got a handle and cute straw for it so that it's easier for me to hold. During football season, it's going to do a great job of keeping my beer cold! 

Converse | I live in my converse, especially my white ones. They are always by our backdoor because I know I can throw them on just about anytime I'm wearing jeans! I love how comfortable they are and when they get dirty, I just toss them right in the wash and they come out looking brand new. I have 2 other pairs, but right now, these are my favorite. 

I couldn't be more excited for football to start because it means cooler weather, enjoying friends and family, gameday food, and of course, football! Here's to the PAINFULLY LONG WEEK AHEAD and War Eagle! 


  1. Wow $3.00 for a necklace!? That's awesome. I want to try a Yeti!

    1. They are the best! My husband and I love buying them for friends and family for gifts because I don't think anyone would be upset about getting one as a gift! haha