26 August 2016

Our Summer Was Amazing

Hey all! I feel like it's been forever since I've posted on here, but life is very time consuming with a baby, goodness. I've been so focused on having TWO mortgages as well as trying to decorate/unpack our new home, while following a crawling baby around! I just wanted to get on here and recap our summer for you. It's been a fun one, and definitely one for the books - Here's a little recap of all we did, using photos, because, that's always the best way to tell a story! 

First off, WE MOVED! I posted some photos that we took the day we moved in here and our home buying experience here. We are IN LOVE with our new home and couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, we do have two homes STILL. Ugh. Could that suck anymore? I guess if you have three? Haha. We have had several offers, but for some reason, they've all fallen through for some reason. We even got another call today, but we've learned to not get our hopes up. We know it will sell, it just sucks waiting, and paying two mortgages/power bills/etc. 

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Isn't it the cutest house? I think it has so much personality because it was built in the late 70's! The inside is even better, check out this post to see some more pics from when we moved in.

Soon after we moved in, we took a TRIP TO THE BEACH with my parents for Memorial Day weekend. It was a quick trip, but we're only about 7 hours from Gulf Shores, so it wasn't a bad drive at all! Hadley hated the sand, but loved splashing her feet in the water. We even took her bathtub down to the beach each day and filled it with salt water so that she could stay cool. SHE WAS A HUGE FAN of the salty taste. She wanted to drink it all, it definitely became a problem! Dave & I definitely can't wait to take her again next year to see how much more she'll enjoy it! 

A few weeks after this, we pack up our lives and DROVE TO WISCONSIN for a FAMILY REUNION! Looking back, I'm not sure how we managed with a 6 month old, but we did it. She actually did an amazing job, and kind of shocked us all with how happy she was the entire trip. She was even sleeping okay because she was so worn out from all we did each day. The trip lasted an entire week, so we definitely saw a lot of family and got in a ton of great memories. 

On the drive up, we stopped in Indiana and met up with Dave's Uncle (his mom's brother) and his kids (and their kids) for dinner at Cracker Barrel. We had yet to meet Tessa, the littlest kid and some of them hadn't met Hadley yet. It was great to get together with them, even if it was only for dinner. 

As soon as we got to Green Bay, we were sure to go to Dave's grandmothers house first. This was her first time meeting Hadley, and Hadley is her first Great Grandchild! So this was a huge moment, we even captured it on video. As you can tell by the photo, Great Grandma Hueby (that's what she's we're calling her) was so in love the moment she met Hadley. Even though we just got back, we can't wait to go back again, especially when Hadley can run around and explore more! 

We stayed in Green Bay at a really awesome lodge that had a waterpark in it and the tubes had a place for babies. I mean, could it have been any better? Obviously, Hadley says no! She passed out almost every time we got on the lazy river, which was amazing for me, because I was able to sneak away and go down some water slides while she was napping and someone else rode on the tube with her. 

Then we had the FAMILY REUNION!  Dave's sister took about a billion photos because there was so much going on the entire time, which is awesome because almost everything was captured on camera that day. We rented out an indoor pavilion at a park but spent most of the time outside because the weather was pretty awesome! We played games and just had a blast! Everyone loved having a little one around again and we hope that the next time we all get together that there are more babies for Hadley to play with!

The sweetest photo of Hadley and her Great Grandma Hueby
Dave, Hadley & I with Dave's Grandma Hueby
Celebration Cigars from Hadley's birth
Hadley and her Aunt Leah (Dave's sister) 

Once we got back form the trip, we took a break! The Hueby's have just been chilling around the house trying to get more boxes unpacked and things put in their place. We're also trying to get used to Hadley crawling around the house and babyproofing everything.

We're trying to plan trips for next summer, so that we can start saving. Hadley will be 1.5 then, where should we go??


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    1. As soon as we sell House #1, we are going to start planning that trip!

  2. Hadley is seriously the cutest and congrats on the move to the new house! We're planning on selling and moving in 3 years (hopefully) but instead of having two mortgages, we're going to do what I did last time with my first house (if everything works out accordingly) and make sure our house sells first and have the closings for both houses on the same day. It is definitely hectic doing it that way but I have done it before and my mom has done it with her last two houses. I know it is going to be extreme chaos moving in three years with a toddler and 3 dogs but hey, it'll be worth it.

    I am so jealous of your beach trip. We just weren't able to vacation this year and with all of my morning sickness, a vacation probably wouldn't have been that enjoyable anyways. It looks like y'all had a great time!


    1. Thanks!! We wanted to do that or at least do a contingency, but we walked into our new house and knew that if we didn't put in a full price offer that day that the house would never be ours. It was on the market for less than 24 hours and we were 1 of 4 offers! Good luck with the future move though, it is definitely hard!! We even had to go through our dog refusing to poop outside in the new yard for a few weeks! But all you can do is laugh!