27 September 2016

Baby Halloween Onsies Under $20

As this Halloween starts to get closer and closer, I really am thinking about what Hadley is going to dress up as. Do I get her all dressed up for just one night? She might not be walking yet, she can't eat the candy, and probably will have no idea what is going on. Is it logical to spend money on an outfit that maybe only 20 people will see her in? Dave and I even discussed not dressing her up at all, but I'm over here like, uh, my child will be dressing up because of the pictures we will take. I love looking back at photos of my first holidays. I was an angel, but was only a month and half old when my first Halloween came around. Luckily, my sister was born 12 days after me, so my mom got to use that angel costume twice!

Once I decided that we were for sure going to dress Hadley, I definitley wanted to keep it low on cost. However, as I was looking for ideas on what to dress her up as, I realized that there were so many cute costumes out there that are like $50!! What? For a baby? So I started looking around and found so many simple onsies that are so perfect for a baby without going overboard. Here's a list of boy & girl outfits that all cost less than $20 that I found on Amazon. How easy are these? Most of them are offered on PRIME, so you can even buy these last minute! I think these are also so perfect for those of you who might have several events to attend and want to dress your baby up in more than one outfit!

For the Girls (Row 1) -  Mermaid $6 |  Pineapple $13|  Fox $8

For the Boys (Row 2) -  Pirate  $13 | Superman $9 | Mickey Mouse $20 

For the Newborns (Row 3) -  Mermaid  $16 | Bear $16 

Also, should we dress up as a family?! There goes that $20 budget...


  1. I LOVE these! Of course I'm naturally drawn towards the mermaid costumes but that pineapple one is too too cute!!! Rory won't be here yet for this Halloween but we will be dressing her up next year for her first Halloween. We already discussed this and she isn't even born yet lol. We plan to probably take her over to my sister's house to go trick-or-treating with my nephew who will be 3 1/2 at the time.


    1. Lucky that you have a nephew that isn't going to be too much older!!! You'll have a blast with the first Halloween experience! Hadley is the only baby in the family nearby, so Dave & I are really going to pull out our inner kid!