01 September 2016

My Child is More Perfect than Yours

Every week, Hadley and I go to the library for storytime. This week, there was a new child in the group that I hadn't seen before. She was walking and had on the cutest little moccasins and her mom looked like she had spent 2 hours getting ready. She had perfectly manicured hands, perfectly blown hair, and an outfit that was more put together than the one I wore on my last job interview. Obviously, I'm probably exaggerating (one of my weaknesses), but that's what she looked like in my mind. Anyway, I was thinking to myself, as she sat down next to me, "I wish my daughter and I looked that put together." The thought popped in fast and quickly went away because we were at the library for storytime and I'm never one to get caught up in comparisons. When storytime was over, she started up a conversation with me. She was really nice and simply asking me about Huntsville because she had just moved to town. As we were talking, she caught me off guard. She said to me, "Your daughter is the cutest little girl I have ever seen. I wish my daughter had that much hair." Wait, what? How could this perfect little mom be jealous of my daughter's messy ponytail? 

With social media playing such a strong influence in today's society, there is such an emphasis on being "perfect." How do we compete with perfect? Simply put, we can't. Guess what? Even with all of the competition out there, I think my child is more perfect than yours and I worked my butt off to make sure that that is true in my mind. I've spent countless tears fighting for her to breastfeed, countless bottles trying to make sure she got the nutrients she needs, countless nights making sure she was sleeping through the night, countless miles put on our stroller to calm her down, countless prayers that she stays happy and healthy, and eventually, countless years of teaching her right from wrong and everything in between. After all of that, why would I even compare my child to anyone else's? This doesn't go without saying that your child is also perfect, because your child is perfect to you. There is nothing that should make you feel differently, so ignore all of those perfect posts and perfect houses and perfect families, because your family is the most perfect one ever. 

So here's to NOT comparing ourselves or our children to others
 (at least for a few weeks)! 

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