28 July 2014

Insta for My Fur Babies

Well, I honestly never thought I would be one of those people that created an Instagram account for my sweet little ones, because really, it's a cat & dog, all they do is sleep and eat, right? NO. They have so much personality, character, and are very entertaining. Therefore, I came to a point where I kept wanting to post photos to share with family and friends living far from me, but didn't want to clog up my personal Instagram with photos of just them. Also, I feel like their accounts are like my FAVORITE MOMENTS of theirs, so I love being able to have that all in one place (because having an album in my phone is too easy).

My sweet 7 month old Norwich Terrier, Cooper. DOB 12/04/13. He loves jumping, giving kisses, going on TWO walks a day (thanks to mom & dad), eating shoes, and ice. This sweet guy came into our lives in Feburary, at 8 weeks old, so we have been very fortunate to see him grow with such a cute personality. Cooper has never met a stranger & loves his brother, Toby, more than we could have ever imagined. 

Our 3 year old gray tabby, Toby. Loves to get in any available box, watching birds out the window, and playing with his brother, Cooper. Toby is sweet, loving, and the weirdest cat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We also got Toby at 8 weeks old, so we got to see him grow as well, which has been a blast. He's moved with Dave & I, from an apartment at college to an apartment in Huntsville to our house. Needless to say, he's been patient and open to change through the past 3 years! 
Basically, these ARE MY CHILDREN & I am NOT ASHAMED that they have Instagram accounts. My family & friends thought I was a little crazy at first, but they've come around on the idea because they really do loving seeing updated photos of them! Keeping them in the know about how Happy & Healthy they are, makes me a proud parent! 
Do your fur babies have Insta?!? 

24 July 2014

Malibu Mason's & Linkup

After being at the beach for a week, my mind can't seem to get off of the amazing tropical alcoholic beverages that I was able to enjoy day in & day out. Therefore, I had to make one that my friends and I discovered this weekend. We bought some random ingredients, but needed to make something delicious with what we had. Therefore, the MALIBU MASON was born! The name came because all we had were mason jars & the only alcohol we had was Malibu - therefore, Malibu Mason.

Let me know what y'all think! 

I've also got a link up for ya - this is the first one that I've participated in, so I hope y'all share whatever your heart desires! 

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Happy Little Friday Everyone!

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21 July 2014

Sister Bonding Beach Trip 2014

I hate to say these words...but my sister is going to college. It's very weird for me. We are 6 years apart, which means that I ALWAYS saw her as my LITTLE sister. I took care of her when she was born, drove her around when I was 16, and always treated her like she was my own. Therefore, when her high school graduation came up this year, I knew I had to do something special for her. My husband and I bought her this beautiful necklace , a double Eno, and partially paid for her part of this BEACH TRIP! Therefore, this trip means a lot to both of us. It's kind of our last chance to enjoy each other's company before she's busy at school, which will be 4 hours away from where I live. Therefore, I thought I could bring you a beach trip summary!!

-- // 1 // --
The view from where we were seating our first night at dinner - The Complete Angler at the Wharf in Gulf Shores as we overlooked the Bay
-- // 2 // --
My sister & I heading to dinner that first night, we had to catch a few snapshots of course
-- // 3 // --
We got stranded on a sandbar while taking a boat ride - what an adventure! 
-- // 4 // --
Martinis (free, I might add) on our way out of town when we grabbed lunch with some of my friends 
-- // 5 // --
Managed to squeeze in a 2 year old's birthday party right before we left for the beach - Lakyn is my cousin's daughter & is absolutely adorable! 
-- // 6 // --
Got my Tragus pierced (the thing that projects in front of the ear canal). We wanted to do something fun to remember the trip, she got her forward helix done! 

Hopefully your week was just as fun as mine was!

Also, found this adorable quiz from last week - & even though it's late, I had to do it!

14 July 2014

Wi-Fi Print for Guest Room

I am currently sitting on my balcony at the beach, enjoying my morning coffee, embracing the view that I have! Even though this week has been amazing so far, I can't seem to forget about my lovely fellow bloggers! Meanwhile, I get a text from my husband saying this the Wi-Fi print I made for our guest room is really cool. Therefore, I thought I would share it to all of you!

Isn't this the cutest? I had found several wi-fi password ONLY prints on Pinterest (of course), but we have a separate wi-fi network for our guests. Therefore, I needed one with the Network information as well! These are available in 3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7 & 8x10 - that way, no matter how you want to display this print, you can choose the size you need for your guest room in particular!  

You can download them HERE!! 

Enjoy ladies, and be on the lookout for some beach pics!! 

11 July 2014

How to Brand Your Business (or Yourself!)

When I started Lily&Wes, I really wasn't sure how I was going to get my name out there, much less how to provide the best possible buying experience for my customers. Therefore, when I ordered anything from an online boutique or another Etsy store, I paid close attention. I observed the way it was packaged, and what they used to brand themselves. I came up with the things I just HAD TO HAVE for my business & I thought I would share them with you. 

1. Stick with it
Once you have created a brand for yourself, STICK WITH IT! If you are wishy-washy with your name, logos, colors, fonts, etc., people will notice. Customers (or blog viewers) will remember your website when they see the same design they did last time they visited it! If you are seeking a change all-together, turn it into a big deal, because it should be. Announce the chance before it comes, and then announce how happy you are with it once it's live - so that your customers (or viewers) understand why you changed it in the first place. Your design should be like a real relationship, don't change it unless you're unhappy.

2. Business Cards
This will always be your go to product, no matter what. Pass these out whenever you get the chance - WHENEVER. Whether you are a business or a blogger! Get some business cards & whenever it comes up in conversation with someone, reach into that purse of yours and pull it out like you really care about your what you have created - because the whole point is that you want more people to buy your stuff (or to read it), right? 

3. A Stamp
The easiest way to add an extra touch of pizzaz! For a business, just the business name is enough - stamp it anywhere & everywhere. I put mine on the shipping labels when I ship something out, but if I'm mailing someone a note, I put it on the back of the envelope! For bloggers, a stamp with your blog name, real name & address would be perfect for mailing thank you's and notes in general!

4. Thank You Stickers
Saying THANK YOU is really important in general, especially when it comes to running a business. I use my stickers to close my invoices to just add an extra thank you as well as another way to get my website name & etsy page address across to the customer one more time!

5. Stationary 
Whether it's sticky notes, a notepad, or note cards, anything with your logo/letterhead on it will be an easy way to write a note that doesn't have to be on a regular white sheet of paper. I use my sticky notes when I need to add in some info about the order - because it sticks onto the invites! I just ordered the notepad, so I don't really know how I'm going to use it yet, but heck, it's adorable & I love it. hehe

All of these I ordered on VistaPrint, my official go-to: 
500 Business cards on promo for $10 right now (use code: TV500) 
Self-Inking Stamp: $15
Stickers: $3 for 24 stickers
Notepad: $8
Sticky Notes: $3 per pad

I was able to order all of this in bulk quantities for about $70, which was definitely worth it once I realized how much branding myself would pay off in the long run! 

Let me know if you have any other tools for branding yourself, I am very interested in learning new things about this whole thing!!

& don't forget that this is still going on - 
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07 July 2014

Summer is Officially Here!

Summer is here!
It's hot, it's sunny, and it's my favorite time of the year to be outside. 
So what's my favorite part of summer you might ask?

The beach. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was born and raised in the south or if I just like to be hot, but being at the beach is by far my favorite part about the summer. It’s the toes in the sand, the smell of sunscreen, the cold salt water, the swim suits, and the tanning. It’s just one of my favorite places to be. Being only a few hours away from the gulf, always makes it so easy to plan at least one beach trip a summer, which helps me look forward to all that the beach has to offer when I’m busy working the rest of the year. I’ve already started my countdown to the next one, t-minus 7 days until I have a drink in my hand on a hot, summer day!

Thanks to Morgan over at TrueLifeKMK
She helped put together a lovely Summer Giveaway with these great girls! So go check out her blog for what these girls had to say about their favorite part of summer!

This giveaway is for a Target & Starbucks Gift Card & this adorable nail polish that I contributed to the Giveaway because I'm slightly obsessed with bright Nail Polish during the summer!

So what's some of your favorite things about Summer?? 

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01 July 2014

Dirty/Clean Free Print & Product Review

Even though I stepped out and started working on decorating my living room last week, I am still stuck in my kitchen making sure to focus on all the little details. Since this kitchen hasn't been updated since it was built 25 years ago, we have had a lot to do! We did the backsplash, redid some stools, and painted the walls a cheery yellow color! Unfortunately we don't have the money to buy stainless steel appliances (which I would LOVE), but we are just making these white ones work! Therefore, I came up with this to add some fun to our dishwasher - 

I figured I would bring you this little print I made for my dishwasher! These might not work with your stainless steel, because they work best with magnets. 

Here are the color combos that I came up with! & As always, just let me know if you would like another color combination at lilyandweston@gmail.com

Get your Dishwasher Dirty/Clean Sign:  HERE

Okay, NOW, I'm about to hardcore brag about Suubi Darlings! This is Jessica & her partner Kelly's new business venture over at Life's Better Being Southern blog! She sent me the most adorable bracelet ever, and the best part about it is that some amazing women in Uganda made it!! AMAZING, right? Kelly went on a mission trip to Uganda, where she met these women who made this beautiful jewelry and wanted to find a way to help them sell it! Jessica & Kelly send these women money for shipping (which I'm sure is outrageous) so that they can receive the jewelry to sell via Etsy. By doing this, these girls are giving these women a way to provide for their families, which is just incredible. I am so happy I've been able to get to know them & that people like this still exist in today's society! 

So here's how adorable the package was when it came in & the really cute bracelet that I received! The note made out to me was so sweet, along with their adorable business card, and the explanation of what they do made the package so fun! As for the bracelet goes, the quality is great & is made out of high quality materials. I pray that this business only continues to grow!

I posted another photo of me wearing it on my Instagram! I then asked Jessica a few questions about Suubi Darlings & this is what she had to say -  

How to you fit Suubi Darlings into your schedule?
Kelly & I both work full time jobs but our schedules are very different. Because I work retail at Sephora, I always have different hours. Kelly gets two hours off for lunch everyday, so most weeks we meet for those 2 hours a couple of days a week at a Starbucks and work on Suubi. When I have days off, we spend hours trying to brainstorm, get new ideas, read blogs, take new instagram pictures, and find ways to expand Suubi so that we can better give back to these women! 

How do you and your partner know each other?
Kelly & I met when we were in high school. We did not go to the same school, but worked for a lady who's husband was a doctor. She paid us to pick blueberries every morning, run her errands, plant in her garden; you name it, we did it. Since that experience, we have been friends ever since! 

Where did the name, Suubi Darlings, come from?
The word Suubi is actually the Ugandan word for Hope. And Darlings came from the fact that we are from the south, proud of it, and it's just one of our favorite words! 

Find out more about Suubi Darlings Here
Etsy Page // Instagram // More info

These girls are great - so go check out their stuff!