20 February 2015

Snow Day in the South

It snowed, in Alabama? Heck yes it did, thank goodness for this whole global warming thing, it seems to be happening more often than it used to! 

This week leading up to the actual snow was actually kind of crazy, the whole city had been delaying work and school for a few hours every morning in fear of something happening, but nothing ever did. Therefore, everyone was kind of not believing that anything was going to happen today! Here's a photo I took one night that it was around 15 degrees (which is unheard of around here!) 

Absolutely stunning 
 Therefore, when today rolled around, I went to work as usual, and was actually working at the Mall today, which didn't decide to close their doors until around 2 pm, when the snow had already been coming down for a few hours. Once I finally got in my car to go, the main road through town, called the Parkway, had been closed and the only way home was through backroads. I still thought it would be quick to get home. WRONG. 2 hours later...I finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel as I was making my way closer and closer home. When I pulled into the garage, it was a sigh of relief!! As soon as I walked in the house and was greeted by our furry little one, I knew I had to go outside with him and Dave and snap some photos. 

Wherever you are, hope you're staying warm like we're trying to do!